Gateway solo turns on and gives no operating system found error

  1. my gateway solo turns 1150 turns on, but after a few minutes it says no operating system found. it doesn't recignize the hard drive or cd drive at all in the bios page and it doesn't have a floppy drive. i'm trying to install windows xp on it as i thought that would be all that it needed when i bought it, but since i can't get it to recignize the cd drive i'm at a loss for what to do for it. this is what it shows when i turn it on:

    to change system settings, press F2
    to boot to cd rom or floppy drive, press esc

    and it shows this when i press esc:

    bios version 21.09
    nothbood id : 87564302
    cput = intel (r) mobile celeron (tm) processor 700mhz
    640kb system ram passed
    63m extended ram passed
    128k cache sram passed
    system bios shadowed
    video bios shadowed
    umb upper limit segment address : e730

    then after a few minutes it says operating system not found. any ideas would be helpful. i've tried pulling the ram and then pulling the hard drive and i get the same messages.

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