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By Jskid
Feb 14, 2013
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  1. I am trying to fix a computer that cannot boot. Sometimes the errors are shown too quickly for me to read.

    When I try to boot Windows normally the following happens
    • shows Windows starting screen
    • restarts
    • I believe it tries to pixy boot
    • Shows "PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel boot agent" and "1962: No operating system found"
    • keeps going through a cycle where it says DHCP.../ (where the slash rotates) and says the client mac addr and GUID and says "PXX-E53: No boot file name received"
    When I try to boot windows into start up repair the following happens
    • start up repair scans for problems and takes a long time and sometimes hangs
    • finds that it could not repiar the computer automatically and gives a bunch of information, one of which is "Problem signature 07: CorruptRegistry"
    I've opened the box and checked the cables and blew compressed air to get rid of dust. I went into the bios settings and the setup utility says "IDE Drive 0 500GB SATA1"

    There are documents on the computer that should be saved. I suspect that there are two partitions. What is the next step?
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    The PXE note says {a} no boot device found (hd, usb, cdrom) {b}so the network is being accessed - - ONLY works in a DOMAIN environment.

    Clearly the boot environment is corrupt - - do you know which Windows existed previously?
    Win/7 or 8 is special and all others use the MBR technique.

    this says the MBR is fine and the issue is with the NTLDR et al.

    You will need a CD to boot and from that use the Repair Install option.
    (the recovery is unlikely due IMO to the registry comment).
  3. Jskid

    Jskid TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 346

    Windows XP and we never had an original install CD because we used a Clonezilla to flash the image of the OS.
  4. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    *IF* there's a restore partition, then you can borrow any cd to get the Recovery.
    Otherwise, I'm a afraid you're up a creek.

    Start copying the critical files to a thumb drive now while looking for a solution.

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