GeForce Grid will let you stream games on a Kepler-based GPU

By Matthew
May 15, 2012
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  1. We've already seen Nvidia's latest graphics architecture in action on standard gaming rigs, but the company shared some of Kepler's cloud-centric benefits during the GPU Technology Conference in San Jose,...

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  2. EEatGDL

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    I was reading a first part some hours ago at NVIDIA's website about both VGX and grid, now that I finished reading I had the curiosity to look for a recent new published here about some patents NVIDIA had bought to see if it had any relation with these announcements [I read about NVIDIA's adquiring of Physix time ago], and I thought "maybe this is a new specialization area" [Tegra, Quadro, Tesla, GeForce...]. I don't quite see the potential yet of that for gamers in general -tryed OnLive months ago-, maybe for casual gamers who want a decent and cheap service for playing, but I don't know about how many are we talking about.

    I just wish them luck with their new implementations for the cloud-based growing industry. It's almost a fact that's the future -not my opinion, but companies keep pushing into the idea- and let's see just how much potential it has in terms of experience and cost, if it's really worth it in some scenarios, or definitely there's nothing like paying a premium price for the "full experience" (you know: your own rig, bought games either online or physically, and whatever you wanna add to your experience -multi-displays, 3D, etc.).

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