GeForce GTX 980 Ti Revisited: How does it fare against the GTX 1070 and RTX 2060?


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980Ti still a fine card up to 1440p. Surpasses 60FPS in most scenarios, or only a couple of settings away at worst. Although 1080p is now the sweet spot for that performance new (GTX1660Ti give or take.)

I hold much hope for Nvidia's latest cards this year. Big big step. RTX2080Ti performance for $400 should be the target, much how GTX1070 was arriving to displace the 980Ti. Please don't disappoint me.
$400 for 2080Ti performance?? Yeah, prepare to be disappointed.


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Possible? Sure. Likely? Naaaaaaahhhh.

Let's revisit this when the 3000 series comes out. But don't hold your breath- you'll be very winded by then. ☺
Many good reasons why this performance is attainable. Not least that if you merely shrunk a 545mm² 12nm TU104 die down (RTX 2080 Super) onto 7nm EUV without doing anything else then you end up with a die considerably smaller than a $499 TU106 (RTX2070 or Super) 445mm².

Probably somewhere along the lines of 350mm², give or take. Although this assumes Nvidia do nothing else to the architecture, when obviously they will.

Clock increase on a straight shrink of a TU104 would do the rest to close performance with an RTX2080ti. So on paper, you could build a much smaller chip than an RTX2070 and it can be as fast as an RTX2080Ti.

There are other reasons too for considering more aggressive pricing from Nvidia. Renewed competition from AMD at this level with RDNA2 for starters. Then there is the knowledge that Nvidia really didn't sell many RTX cards, largely because of the immaturity of the additional technologies versus the small step in performance over the big selling GTX10 series. No node leap meant large dies and high manufacturing costs, even for the smaller TU104 Turing design.

Profit margin is probably not even that great for TU104 like the 2070 Super, not when you realise the 5700XT is only 251mm²! Nvidia do want to sell through on these technologies when they can.

Finally you have a problem like consoles. Both AMD and Nvidia know if you price graphics cards with performance that is not particularly higher than a next gen console close to the outright cost of a full machine itself, they don't sell. People may opt for a console until prices are more realistic.

PS5 for example will need at least a 5700XT to only get similar performance. If that performance from a graphics card is still $400 (it won't be) then both Nvidia and AMD know people will likely go for consoles.

Expect pricing according to this. Later this year the new generations of cards will arrive and move the game on a long way for price performance.


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Oh overclock results?

We all know the 980ti really shines with a 30-40% overclock. Most the 980ti’s Ive owned hit 1400-1475mhz no problem on air.

Too bad she doesnt support adaptive sync like the 10 series and newer, I know which budget gpu id be looking for if that were the case.
I was curious if an overclock was going to be done since my 980Ti AMP! Omega can take one heck of an OC. I boost up to 1514 on the core and memory I can push to 2100 and the temps never exceed 70c.

It's good to see an aging card like the 980Ti is still a very relevant card 5 years later. I'm happy with my purchase and hopefully it'll keep going strong for another couple years before I need to finally replace it.