Give it to me straight doc: Is my GeForce 8800GTS done for?

By Gorerot
Oct 14, 2009
  1. 1st Problem: BSOD with nv_disp error

    1st Attempted Fix: Started in safe mode, computer runs fine. Uninstalled driver, booted windows normally installed latest driver. Runs fine for about an hour, then BSOD same error. Retry same process and same thing occurs again.

    2nd Attempted Fix: Reformat, installed motherboard drivers, then all my windows updates, then video card driver (latest version).

    2nd Problem: Runs fine for approx. 8 hours (other programs and games were installed druing this time). Surfing the internet and screen begins to flicker, close the internet and flickering stop. Reboot, play L4D for 10 minutes with no problems, go on the internet flickering starts again. Close the internet and watch a movie, no problems. Shut down pc for the evening, boot in the morning and go on the internet, BSOD with nv_disp error.

    3rd Attempted Fix: After reading some boards and trying my 1st attempted fix again, I find it "may" be caused by a windows update, so I once again do a full out windows reformat. Turn off all windows updates, install latest motherboard drivers, install latest video card driver, half way thru the install screen begins to flicker couple of horizontal black bars appear on my screen. Finishes install and then before it can tell me I need to reboot, blackness then large multi-colored fragments appear on screen, this lasts maybe 10 seconds then auto reboots. Start in safe mode and unistall video card driver. Restarts in normal mode fine.

    4th Attempted Fix: Remove video card and clean the piss out of it, take off the case clean the heatsync and the fan, use contact cleaner on the contacts and the PCI-E slot on my motherboard. (I've been installing and repairng projectors, survaillance equipment, and other audio video equipment for the past 4 years so i know how to handle this stuff with care.) Reformat windows again, and only install the latest video cad driver. Same thing happens as when I did the install in my 3rd attempt. (Also there is nothing thats visibly "obviously" burnt out on the card and all solder connections appear to be fine, If a capasator was burnt out would the card not run at all?)

    5th Attemped Fix: Reformat again and install video card drivers from cd that came with the card. No flickering druing install but right as it finished large fragments appear again. 10 seconds pass, it self reboots and before it can ask me if I want to start in safe mode it fragments again then reboots (endless loop).

    With my experience with electronics I'd say the card is FUBAR'd :(

    My entire system is less than 3 years old, all purchased at the same time. It has been well maintained and reformated once every 8 months to a year. This being my first major problem with anything in it. Never overclocked.


    Motherboard: Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe
    Processor: AMD Athalon Duo Core 4400+
    Video Card: Asus NVidea GeForce 8800GTS 640MB
    Hard Drive: Seagate 160GB
    Ram: (4) Kinston 512MB DDR2 663
    Audio Card: Creative Gamer
    Power Supply: Antec TruePower Trio 650 Watt (Load 52A)
    CD Rom Drive: Asus

    Hope someone has a suggestion as you can see I have time so however involved it may be I'm down to give it a go. Thanks
  2. Great1122

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    OK, what version of windows do you have, try installing an upgraded edition of Widnows or a Windows 7 beta, if you have access to one, see how that works out. You probably already tried this before but read the readme in this zip file
  3. Route44

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