Good graphics card compatible with Windows 7?


I apologize in advance for my almost complete lack of computer knowledge. That said, my PC was built for me by one of the IT guys at work, who has since moved on. I can't scare him up from his last known email addy. So, I'm sort of out there drifting on this stuff, trying to find any help I can.

The PC is connected to the home theater system/TV through HDMI. About 2 weeks ago, and video from the internet stopped producing sound. In addition, the PC doesn't play audio/dvds anymore. And when I click on the samples in the library, I can't play them either.

I'm assuming, without knowing, the graphics card is shot. I think it's about four years old. I opened up the box, pulled out the graphics card (I didn't make a note of manufacturer/model #, but my device manager says it's nvidia, and the driver is up to date) and cleaned it. I plugged it back in, still no sound. I can play youtube videos or stream online content, but none of it has sound.

Does it sound to you guys like I need a new graphics card? If so, I need a recommendation for a better than average one that is compatible with windows 7 (professional). something in the $100 range, or so.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Open up nVidia Control Panel.
Under Display select "Set up Digital Audio".
Verify settings to make sure they are correctly set up to send audio.