Google adds touch controls to Chrome's Canary test release


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Google is working on several touch friendly features for use on its popular Chrome browser. Included in the latest nightly “Canary” build are three new early-stage options for browsing the web using your fingers on a screen: slide to navigate,...

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Hope it can also work on Windows 7 Tablets too. Using the same Digitizer PC Tablet Pens.

Jad Chaar

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I wonder how Google is gonna make the higher version numbers work. Chrome 30 sounds awkward.


Why so hurry? could have waited a few more years, still there currently no match for IE
"touchscreen friendly version of hitting Ctrl +/- on the keyboard." WHERE in gooles name have you been the last 10 years?!!! 3 Billion humans use this every day on their mobile phone. Freaking Dinosaurs, freaking Microsoft. Ignorance is bliss..