Google gives users one free minute of international Hangouts calls

Justin Kahn

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Google announced recently that it is expanding its call support for Hangouts. The company now gives users in 25 different countries the first minute of international calls for free using the service.

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In Romania we had this 1 minute call free in early 2000s, everyone was abusing it, then it got reduced to 3 seconds. People were calling to say hey what's up and you had to call back to answer, there were lots of things to tell in 3 seconds, like in pill commercials.


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But, but, but AMERICA and MUH FREEDOMS!
OK, let's try something! See how many times you can say, "U. S. A., we're number one", in one minute.

After the call goes dead, try to figure out what exactly it is, "we're number one", at :D.