Google is reportedly planning to revamp Material Design with an all-white color scheme


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It's no secret that Google's designers are big fans of minimalist user interfaces. Over time, the company has shifted the appearance of most of its primary services to "Material Design," Google's proprietary design philosophy that emphasizes simplicity.

As Google has proven over time, with great simplicity comes a whole lot of empty space. In many cases, Google's redesigns have transformed somewhat dull, but colorful aesthetics into almost all-white interfaces. Soon, according to a video published by Google, the "almost" part could be going away entirely.

Though it's unavailable now -- it seems to have been hidden or deleted -- the video reportedly acted as a "sizzle reel" for some of Google's planned changes to Material Design. Screengrabs obtained by Ars Technica reveal that many of Google's most popular services, including Search, Gmail, and Photos, could be losing a lot of their color.

In Gmail, the red utility bar is gone, and in Photos, the colorful icons have been replaced with much more muted variants.

It's worth noting that these designs appear to be relatively early mock-ups, so they're certainly subject to change.

We don't even know when Google plans to implement test these changes, much less implement them. So, whether you love or hate these design overhauls, now is the time to make your feedback heard.

Image courtesy Ars Technica, via Google

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Sack the designers. The current Material version is amazing, it still has few years left it, leave it alone and if you really want, work on the animations if anything...


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The lazy design trend continues unabated. The goal, of course, is to invest as little as possible into the user experience and transition literally everything to AI-powered voice control. Google, Apple and the rest of the privacy invaders want to have mics and speakers embedded into everything. Orwell didn't aim nearly high enough with his nightmare visions.