Google's Titan Security Keys land in the Google Store, promptly sell out

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Google launched a branded hardware security key for its Google Cloud customers last month. Now, anyone can get their hands on the two-factor token through the Google Store.

Built on FIDO open standards, Google’s Titan Security Keys work with several popular bowsers including Chrome and ecosystems like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and Gmail to enhance security. They’re also compatible with Google’s Advanced Protection Program that launched late last year for users with high-value accounts.

Google Cloud product manager Christiaan Brand said the firmware performing the cryptographic operations is permanently sealed into a secure element hardware chip during production. “The secure element hardware chip that we use is designed to resist physical attacks aimed at extracting firmware and secret key material”, Brand said.

Titan Security Key bundles include one USB security key and one Bluetooth security key as well as a USB-C to USB-A adapter, a USB-C to USB-A connecting cable and a quick start guide. They’re available for $50 with free shipping in the Google Store although as of writing, it appears as though Google’s initial allotment has sold out. You can, however, add your name to the waitlist and be notified when they come back in stock.

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