Got a pps in email that I can't open, new type of icon

By macx
Jan 31, 2011
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  1. XP sp3 latest Firefox Yahooo email PC Tools Firewall Plus Avira AV

    Haven't had any problems with Office apps for quite awhile.

    Tonight I got 2 emails with pps attachments that I can't open.

    Usually when I click on attachment in the email to open it, it will scan it with Norton AV (must be a Yahoo thing), then shows a box with "Download"
    as the only option which I have to click, then another box that asks if it should Open or Save the file. When I select Open, then the file opens with
    the appropriate app.

    Tonight, these pps attachments would not open.

    I downloaded them and tried to open them from there, which is something I have to do once in a great while.

    Tonight the downloaded files won't open either.

    I did notice a different pps icon than I have seen before.

    EDIT: I sent the downloaded files to my wife's Mac and it told her it was a Keynote file. I searched Keynote and it came up as
    a new Apple app for iPad, etc. When she clicked on it in the email, it automatically downloaded. She was able to open it by
    selecting Open With PPS, then was able to Save As PPS. When I click on the downloaded file in my pc, it won't open. When I
    right click and select Open With PPS it still won't open, and it does not give me the option to Save As PPS. She has 2004 Office
    for Mac. My Office is a little older so suspect that may be the problem. She has the current Mac OSC (Snow Leopard) but the
    Keynote in that isn't compatible with the Keynote version of this file. She sent it back to me after she Saved As PPT (apparently
    the Mac version of PPS) and now I can open it. I've also emailed the person that sent it to me and asked what she used to open it.
    I know she's running XP but I think she uses IE, altho I wouldn't see that as making a difference.

    Also - another continuing problem - I've been unable to forward attachments with rec'd emails since I went to the new Firefox -
    as recommended by Yahoo BTW. It's 3.6.10, the Yahoo Firefox version 1.7.

    Any idea what's going on and what I could do?

    I've had one suggestion to try the email forwarding thing with IE to determine if it's Yahoo or Firefox - altho no suggestion was
    provided beyond that - but I have deleted IE because it kept interfering with Firefox and downloading & browsing. And I just
    plain don't like to use it or to have it on my machine. Being this problem started with the new Firefox, I would strongly suspect it
    has to do with that rather than with Yahoo anyway, being I didn't change anything in Yahoo before the problem started. If I do have
    to try another browser to see if it's Firefox or Yahoo, I'll try Safari.

    EDIT: I went into my Yahoo email thru Safari and I am able to forward rec'd emails and the attachments do go with them.
    So it's definitely this "wonderful" new version of Firefox that Yahoo so strongly recommended.

    While trying to figure the problem out, I saw a number of posts in various places (Yahoo and FF Help included) that mentioned
    the same problem, altho neither Yahoo nor FF gave any solutions.

    I think I'll see if I can go back to an earlier version if I can find it.

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  3. macx

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    Wasn't aware of the Compatibility Pack.

    I'll try that.

    I just found out the person that sent it opened it with Office 97-03.


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