Gran Turismo 7 version 1.11 addresses fan resentment over nerfed progression

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In a nutshell: Polyphony Digital finally released an update to correct a rebalancing to Gran Turismo 7 it performed last month. Version 1.11 dropped on Friday, which increases the reward for late-game World Circuit races, readjusted the awards for arcade and custom events, and more.

The patch was in response to a March update to Gran Turismo 7 that had players up in arms because it nerfed the awards on certain races. Fans viewed it as a money grab since many were not thrilled with the forced choice of grinding for 20 hours (average) per legendary car or purchasing hundreds of dollars worth of in-game credits to fill their liveries with expensive exotics.

The move caused players to review bomb the game on Metacritic and figure out a way to earn credits while AFK. Sony and Polyphony later apologized and gifted everyone a million credits. Game director Kazunori Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, promised an update would come in early April to readjust the progression system.

In addition to upping the reward amounts in specific races, the patch also increases the upper limit of free in-game credits to 100,000,000. It was previously 20,000,000. Credit rewards for the lobby and daily races also got a bump.

Version 1.11 did not only readjust progression. It also came with new content. It added a new race called "The Human Comedy," a one-hour endurance race worth up to 1,200,000 credits per event. The pre-race screen now contains more information. It added new inventory to the car lots and fixed numerous bugs.

Polyphony has more to come in future patches, including more award increases, eight new endurance races, increasing the quantity of used and legendary cars, tweaks to the live service rewards, adding 24-hour endurance races, and more. Probably the most welcomed change coming in a future update is the ability to sell your unwanted cars. You can view a complete list of changes on the Gran Turismo website.

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Lmao, Gran Turismo is like Halo, it was great but now it’s just a money grab by a bunch of crusty corporate board members who want to satisfy their shareholders by using this ageing gaming franchise to strip money off kids.


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Gt7 is still an excellent experience and great fun. Gts was already near perfect for me (albeit iracing and raceroom are my go to hardcore racers when I feel like I could use extra challenge). Even with nerfed earning it was easier to get a car than in gt5 so it was hardly an issue unless someone wanted to get them all in a week.
Still waiting to get older tracks, though.


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I can’t believe devs want 70 bucks for a game and then want you to use real money to buy cars?? Maybe I’m missing something but that’s what it seems like to me.


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Prices are the only thing that has gone up in gaming. Quality went down and plenty of big releases lately have been disappointing. Publishers know they can get away with it cause it appears the consumer-men have no control over themselves.

It's so easy to find reviews and good information these days on the internet about a product and yet somehow people pre-order games more than the last time. I thought the information was going to help us!


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Stuff this, I've got better things to do in my life than waste countless hours grinding away to buy cars that I'll probably drive once or twice before being consigned to the garage.

I was a massive fan of the GT franchise but as I get older I realise life is better spent away from gaming and invested in the real world.


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I wish I could find a business strategy that would allow me to sell products at full price and then somehow leave core features out that I can price adjust at anytime I like in order to increase profits.
We are creating a world where profit is held above all else, what a F nightmare.

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