Grandpa's computer won't turn on after power outage

By treetops
May 2, 2011
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  1. I'm going over there in a few minutes, I plan to check for burn marks, he said the green light still comes on in the back(psu probably). So I am thinking the psu is fried or some other component in which I can hopefully visually see.

    Ok heres the plan'
    1. Check for burn marks or blown capacitors
    2. Swap the psu with a known working psu if no burn marks can be found

    Just thought I would post before I took off so I can refer back here if I hit a brick wall in case someone has a suggestion.

    OK its been fixed its a common problem with hp pavilion power supplies for future reference

    Power outage causes computer to not turn on and green light flashes on the back of the psu.

    Solution, unplug psu then motherboard p1 connector, wait 5 minutes until green light stops flashing. Plug the psu back in and it should now have a solid green light on the back now plug in the p1 mobo connector. Yes with the psu plugged in first as said in order.

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