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Aug 8, 2008
  1. Firstly, when I run dxdiag.exe, It says that direct 3D isn't functioning. Secondly, I have recently found out that many games do not support integrated graphics accelerators (which I have. An Intel 82945G). I therefore have installed a PCI Express Graphics card. The problem is that it didn't come with an installation CD and I don't know where to get drivers. My computer still says that it is using the Intel integrated chipset instead and the PCIE card doesn't have a make or model printed on it.

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    First, you didn't mention which graphics card you installed (NVIDIA/RADEON?). Without that info, it's impossible to point you to the proper site to download the drivers/software.
    Second, you need to get into you bios to change the display to PCI. If you don't change this setting in the bios, your computer will only "see" the integrated chip. You also didn't mention what make of computer you have. Different manufacturers use different F keys during boot up to get into the bios. Many of them flash which keys to hit to enter the bios and/or the boot settings. If your computer doesn't flash them on startup, do a restart and as soon as you do this, start tapping the delete key. If this doesn't work, it could be the F1, F2 or F10 keys. If you got a manual with your computer, it should tell you how to get into the bios.
    Hope this was helpful.
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    Posting your system specs in your profile makes getting help much easier :)
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    As I said I don't know what the PCIE card is because it has nothing printed on it except ROHS and HDCP Graphics Card - It came with my motherboard in a package and only the motherboard had a manual (which only tells you how to literally slot the card in!)
    The motherboard is an ASRock ConRoe 1333 - DVI/H

    I made my computer myself and the specs are as follows:-

    The motherboard is an ASRock ConRoe 1333 - DVI/H
    Windows XP Home Edition SP2
    Intel Pentium Dual Core (E1280) @2.00GHz
    2.0Gb of RAM
    160GB HDD

    (The rest of the stuff is now on my profile)

    And what about Direct 3d???
  5. Calimero

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    Just found out that the card is an:- Asrock DVI-HDCP MA-ADVI
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