Grasshopper, Google's learn-to-code tool, has arrived on desktop


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Launched out of Google’s Area 120 incubator in April 2018, the Grasshopper iOS and Android apps have been downloaded over two million times. While being able to learn to code on a phone while out and about is beneficial, there are those who would prefer to complete the lessons on a larger screen and using a full-sized keyboard. As such, Google is making Grasshopper available on desktop and laptop computers.

By moving to a larger screen, the program can be split into three panels: instructions on the left, code editor in the middle, and a preview on the right.

In addition to the expansion, two new classes have been added to Grasshopper: the “Using a Code Editor” and “Intro to Webpages” course, the latter of which focuses on building and designing a website from the ground up. Users are taught Javascript fundamentals alongside HTML and CCS-based coursework. “After just four courses, beginner coders will understand how to build a simple webpage,” writes Google.

“Grasshopper students include stay-at-home parents, construction workers and factory machinists–people who don’t necessarily have programming experience, but who are interested in exploring coding as a career option,” explains the tech giant.

The new Grasshopper web app is now available online.

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Uncle Al

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Man .... I just wish the old grey matter was still solid enough for me to program; I used to love it but now I just don't have the attention span. Much like chess, when you're on top of your game the world is your oyster but now I'm just down to fish sticks ......
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There's a small typo in the article, "CCS-based" should be "CSS-based."

Anyways, interesting. I web code already, but I'll check it out for fun.

So how long until google is banned from twitter for using the verboden "learn to code" word?
So ridiculous haha. #learntocode