Guild Wars crash and burn

By Animism · 5 replies
Feb 26, 2009
  1. Well, straight to the point.
    Usually whilst im playing Guild Wars, in some specific areas, and ones in which with lots of actions going on, my whole pc will freeze, the sound, the video, everything which results in a restart.
    However my PC never used to behave like this and i have not modded anything on my pc.

    System information:

    Motherboard: Asus K8N
    Graphics Card: nVidia Geforce 5500 FX
    Processor: AMG Sempron 3000+
    RAM: 1GB + 256MB + 256MB of DDR Ram.
    My hard drive is an 80gig but i don't think that has anything to do with the problem.

    Anyhow like i said this never used to happen, and i don't see why it should be now. however it is limiting to me with what i can do in the game.

    As far as i've researched it could be anything to do with confliction between my graphics card and the onboard sound.
    to the graphics card being broken,
    to my pc overheating,
    to voltage issues,
    to my reqs to play GW to low ( highly unlikely if not impossible imo )
    and i've even heard corruption in my guild wars files.

    I've tried re-installing, updating drivers. (not including my motherboard it confuses the hell out of me), taking the cover of my pc off to prevent overheating, and taking off a few connections to LED's i had placed in my PC.

    Im not sure about what issue it could be i am clueless or i wouldn't be here.
  2. LinkedKube

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    Your video card isnt that powerful. I can see if it gets too hot it would lock up on your.

    What are the voltage requirements for your ram
  3. Animism

    Animism TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I copied and pasted this off of PC Wizard for Physical Memory.

    Information SPD EEPROM (DIMM1) :
    Manufacturer : Kingston
    Part Number : K
    Serial Number : (HIDDEN)-----------
    Type : DDR-SDRAM PC-3200 (200 MHz) - [DDR-400]
    Size : 1024 MB (2 rows, 4 banks)
    Module Buffered : No
    Module Registered : No
    Module SLi Ready (EPP) : No
    Width : 64-bit
    Error Correction Capability : No
    Max. Burst Length : 8
    Refresh : Reduced (.5x)7.8 µs, Self Refresh
    Voltage : SSTL 2.5v
    Prefetch Buffer : 2-bit
    Manufacture : Week 5 of 2007
    Supported Frequencies : 166 MHz, 200 MHz
    CAS Latency (tCL) : 2.5 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS to CAS (tRCD) : 3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    RAS Precharge (tRP) : 3 clocks @166 MHz, 3 clocks @200 MHz
    Cycle Time (tRAS) : 7 clocks @166 MHz, 8 clocks @200 MHz

    As i said i have 3 sets of ram though. 2 being 256 each. Both with the same voltage as it says on PC wizard as the 1024mb.
  4. Animism

    Animism TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ~^ back up to top.
  5. LinkedKube

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    what kind of airflow do you have for your case, you have an exhaust fan in the back, what about the intake fan? Have you checked the temps? during load for the gpu.

    Are your settings set to lowest settings when you play?
  6. theosephus

    theosephus TS Rookie

    I also had freezing and sudden reboots, usually while playing GW (on high) but it would occur at other times too.

    Are you sure this is only happening with GW or does it occur with other gfx intensive games?

    Also, the 5500FX has a 30W+ power drain at max load.. what PSU are you running?
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