HAL problem on Win XP Home

By fw2004
Oct 26, 2009
  1. Hi;
    I am having a problem with shut-down on a Dell 4550 running XP Home.
    It was fine until I tried to install a 2nd copy of Windows XP (but Pro version) on a separate HDD in the machine.
    After the install of the 2nd OS, I was getting an error that the hal.dll file was corrupt or missing.
    This happened only if I allowed the system to boot into the "DEFAULT" in the list.
    I did not understand why there was this extra entry in the boot list, but after working with it for a while, I realized that the problem was the boot.ini file on the C: drive.

    During the troubleshooting, I replaced the hal.dll file that was in the System32 folder of the original Windows (C:\Windows\System32), which is the XP Home OS.
    I was thinking that for some reason, the 2nd OS install had replaced the hal file, and because it was an older copy of Win XP, there might be a problem.

    Unfortunately, I did not create a system restore before doing this. That was really stupid.

    After booting into the original OS, it went through a long process of detecting hardware. When I thought it wad finished, I rebooted the machine, but it started searching for hardware again.
    I allowed all the hardware to be detected, then restarted.
    Everything seems fine, but this one problem. When I shut Windows down, the computer does not shut completely down, and displays the message "It is safe to turn off your computer".

    After allowing the original OS to detect hardware, the new OS on the other drive does not boot. The message is some sort of hardware issue. So I just removed that 2nd OS and am back to the single OS, Win XP Home.

    I am trying to find out what I did to the HAL.
    When I look at Computer in Device Manager, it has two objects under it.

    ACPI uniprocessor PC
    Standard PC

    In hardware profiles, I have just one entry: profile1 (current)

    There does not appear to be a BIOS setting for ACPI, but I know that it supports it.

    Thing is, I know this was working properly before I messed with HAL.

    Any ideas?


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