Half-Life: Alyx is 40 percent off in celebration of its one-year anniversary

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The big picture: Valve took a pretty big gamble with Half-Life: Alyx. For one, it wasn’t Half-Life 3, and that was reason enough for some to dismiss it. What’s more, the game is a VR exclusive, and some felt Valve was trying to force adoption of the platform with the game. Fortunately, these were both non-issues as Half-Life: Alyx proved to be a damn good game and a pivotal moment for modern virtual reality.

2020 will forever be remembered as the year of the pandemic, but there were a handful of positives along the way. In March, for example, Valve released the first official Half-Life title in more than a decade and on the game’s one-year anniversary, the developer is celebrating.

From now until March 31, Valve is offering Half-Life: Alyx at a 40 percent discount, bringing the cost of ownership down from $59.99 to $35.99. The sale represents the game’s largest discount to date.

Valve even added more than 3.5 hours of developer commentary to the game late last year, further enhancing its status as arguably the best VR game ever released.

It’s also worth mentioning that Valve will throw in a free copy of Half-Life: Alyx when purchasing the Valve Index VR headset.

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2020 was a complete blur.

It's amazing how fast a year goes - when a year prior you aren't certain if you'll live to see the next year.


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Would be interested, if I didn't need VR.

Honestly this game should only be played in VR.

For how cheap a Quest 2 is, and how awesome this game in to play wirelessly via the quest 2. I see no reason why you'd want to play any other way. The game is built ground up for VR. It really was an amazing experience, and honestly one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had playing a video game.

Half Life Alyx is a prime example of how future VR games should be, and the direction future video games should focus on. Being in the game is the future.


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40% off isn't much of a discount for a one year old game, and it sounds like they're going to return it to full MSRP after the sale. I guess you can do that when you have one of the few AAA VR titles on the market.