Hard drive not visible in Windows

By dmzta317
Mar 29, 2009
  1. Hello, recently a friend of mine got a new computer but wanted to pull files off her old one. She had 2 hard drives in her old PC. So basically what I did was take them out and plug them in to the new PC as secondary drives. The first one worked just fine, appeared in windows, and I was able to drag and drop the files onto her hard drive.

    The problem comes with the second drive. It is visible in the BIOS but it wont say new hardware found and there is no icon for it in My Computer. Now, I am decently computer savvy so I know all about Disk Management and the need to assign a drive letter. The problem is, Disk management DOES see the drive, but doesnt let me do anything to it except "Delete Partition".... granted, if she wanted the hard drive in the new PC just for the extra space I bet i could delete partition and it would work, but she wants files off of it. The disk management even says 16 of 20gb free, so it sees the hard drive and even measures the amount of it but why cant I access it? Yes it was a windows drive, not a linux one or anything... Any help is appreciated.
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    hey dmzta317

    If the HD was working in the old computer, you could just them both back, copy the files to the other working HD and then format the one not working when plugged into the new computer. Might save you the trouble of trying to figure out what the problem is with detection .... mind you, I can't say that I know what the problem is.

    Spyder_1386 :)
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    try this

    There can be many reasons for not supporting to second hard drive. But if your system sees the drive and you want that drive data so don’t delete that partition. First try to recover that from windows (from my computer>manage>disk management). If all partition found then you can recover your data. This situation also happens with my system. I tried a recovery tool called Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery software and recover my data. This software provides RAW file recovery and supports more than 300 types of file. You can download this software from partitionrecovery-software.com/
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