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Jul 28, 2012
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  1. Hey all so my problem started maybe two weeks ago ....pc started freezing and slowing down to unusable speeds.

    So after trying a few things virus malware removal etc ... I decided to format.

    After a format the computer lasts about 3 days and and then all of a sudden ...it freezes and slows down again to the point it is entirely unusable... In the last few weeks I have formatted like 3times ...just so I get some use out of it.

    So I assume it's a hardware related problem.......but how do I find out what hardware is causing problem?

    The pc ....... Intel core i7-920 2.66Ghz,patriot DDR 3 6Gb ram,His 1GB 5870 VGA,WD SATAN 1TB HDD Running win 7 home 64.

    Any help would be appreciated...thx
    Oh and no DVD drive on this pc.

    Edit.. After about 10attempts this time I was able to system restore....pc seems fine again ...for now lol.
  2. Ericpcfool

    Ericpcfool TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Problem still persists ......

    Seems weird that a system restore is able to fix the problem ..if it's hardware related.

    Still same outcome tho ...a few days later and pc fails again...slows,freezes,multiple errors mom.exe and vga driver fails.

    Atm I have no idea what's going on ..... Could it be after a format I am downloading the same virus over and over again or is my computer being attacked by some scumbag hacker or just a hardware problem?

    Hopefully someone has an idea.

    Things to note.... I've run every virus and malware program I can get hold of. I've scanned the HDD for errors with no failures. I've removed each ram stick one at a time, with no results.

    Just before pc starts to fail mouse pointer seems to increase in size and type icon ..seems to get much thicker,not sure if that means anything.

    Thx for any help.
  3. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    I'd check your temperatures. When was the case last cleaned? Are the fans free from dust build up? Is the PC overclocked?

    If the computer is overheating the processor is designed to thermally throttle in order to reduce power (and therefore heat) output. When this happens the computer will radically slow down and freeze. In many respects your description displays classic diagnostic pointers of this happening.

    If you're using genuine media I find it very unlikely that you're re-infecting the OS so quickly with the same problem -- unless of course you're visiting compromised websites continually.

    Your problems (to me) point to a temperature problem. It's also possible the power supply is on its last legs and is failing to provide enough power when you're asking it to work harder than normal. What wattage, make and model is your power supply? How old is it?

    If you need a recommendation for temp monitoring software, I recommend you try HWMonitor. Run it for a bit, and stress it out a little by gaming or running another CPU intensive task and let us know what temperatures your getting (average and max temps).
  4. Ericpcfool

    Ericpcfool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thx for the response.... The temp in bios atm Is 37 the pc is down again so I'll check it under load when I get it going again.
    The power supply is a Tt toughpower 1000w and it's about 2years old.
    I've cleaned fans and case of any dust.
    The pc is also not over clocked.
    Also note that it seems to start failing after being woken from sleep mode.

    Now the battle to get it going again ....system restore has worked twice so far.... But windows will not load atm so it looks like another format.

    Edit. I thought I'd add that once it has started slowing etc.... It does not recover although I can get windows to load sometimes ...just moving the mouse seems to labour the pc ...opening even the start menu can take 20mins.
  5. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +117

    Okay, swap out the hard disk for another one if possible. It's going to be a process of elimination with components unfortunately. It is possible the disk is faulty but reports are coming back clear. Sometimes they can fail without any warning at all.

    Do you have access to another computer and a 2GB USB stick? If so, I'd highly recommend you use it to boot a Linux Live distribution like Linux Mint or Ubuntu to see how it performs when you remove Windows and the hard disk from the issue. It'll certainly inform you of how your other hardware (CPU/motherboard/GPU/memory are performing).
  6. Ericpcfool

    Ericpcfool TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yep I have both ...I'll give it a shot and let u know how it goes.

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