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Hardware questions

By Matis
Jan 10, 2014
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  1. Hello there

    Didnt know where to post it so I made it under "Device Drivers".

    Anyway, I want help for building my own gaming PC. I'm going to give full specs and I also add picture of the case end of this post.

    So the first thing is how big should be my power supply?
    I know that my CPU should take something about 100W. GPU should take around 200W. Speakers around 40W. I dont know how much will take power the Monitors though but I have in mind FHD 28ยดยด or something like that.
    Also can somone make clear to me the diffrence between HDD and SSD. If I buy HDD then should I necessarily need SSD? If I do then how much SSD should I get?
    Ive seen some PC's on sale which has like 1TB HDD and 8GB SSD , others have 120GB SSD.

    Specs :
    AMD R9 270x ( GPU )
    AMD Athlon II x4 (Quad core 3.8GHz) ( CPU )
    Sharkoon T9 Value Green ( CASE )

    Now about the GPU, should I take the 4GB or 2GB? The money difference is few bucks. Also which company made GPU should I take : MSI ; SAPPHIRE ; GIGABYTE ; XFX ; POWERCOLOR?

    Some of these are called OC-edition, toxic-edition, boost-edition, BF4 and so on.

    GIGABYTE GV-R927XOC-4GD-GA / Radeon R9 270X :

    Sharkoon T9 Value Green :

  2. B00kWyrm

    B00kWyrm TechSpot Paladin Posts: 991   +37

    Hi Matis.
    Welcome! And... a couple of pointers...

    1) Questions about Builds should go in THIS Forum. Be sure to read the stickies at the top first.
    Mailpup (Or another mod) may notice and move your inquiry for you.

    2) You generally should post the same question only once and only in one place. Otherwise some of the mods and others tend to get a bit cranky.

    3a) You might post an intro, here. Ravisunny2 has taken up the mantle of welcoming newcomers, and offering some helpful links on how to get the most of your Techspot Experience. This is something I used to do, and Kimsland before me. Ravisunny2's post is basically the same as I was welcomed with and which I used to welcome others.

    3b) Right now, on this topic, just be a bit patient, and hope that Mailpup notices, and moves your post. Likely will happen within a few days.

    4) THEN One or more of those experienced with your particular questions will chime in after it is moved. I have done some recent builds, but I do tend to overbuild. Others will be more inclined to help you squeeze the most bang for the buck. You might review the stickies I mentioned above, and be ready to answer those questions.

    I am not going to cross post this answer to your other/duplicate post.
    Enjoy your time with us!
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