Have I messed up here?

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May 29, 2008
  1. I have just reinstalled my computer with windows xp 64 professional, I put in all the motherboard drivers and graphics software (after installing anti virus) whilst still disconnected from the internet. When I went to click on the update icon in the task bar at the bottom nothing happened so I went directly to windows update, clicked express, it listed SP2 waited for ages and then a little box saying about installing SP2 popped up I clicked ok and the progress bar started to go quite happily, but after a while little boxes saying the path for such and such .dll was incorrect and to retype it. Now as I don't know what that file path should be I clicked retry and it went on and after the 5th time I got bored and clicked cancel against only that action when the install finished it restarted but now when it gets to the login page for the admin password I cannot type anything as my keyboard isnt live. I am thinking of just either going back to xp home 32bit or reinstalling xp64 again along side a partition with the xp home in it could someone point me in the right (or at least better) direction.
  2. gtppopzz

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    Why did you want to change to xp x64? Is there some software you have that is 64 bit that will utilize it or you just thought it would be fun because you had a 64 bit processor? In my experience xp 64 bit is not very stable often hard to find drivers for and seems to throw a good number of errors from time to time. If you want a 64 bit software I would suggest Vista 64 bit ultimate I have been running it for a while and it seems like its better suited for the 64 bit world. Xp 32 bit on the other hand kills vista 32 bit. I would recommend unless you need the 64 bit OS going back to 32 bit I think you will experience less problems in the long run.
  3. kimsland

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    I agree.

    But for whatever reason you wanted 64bit software installed, this part:
    Is incorrect

    Antivirus should be installed after you have installed all the drivers, so forth (including after you update the Service Pack to SP3 online)
    Then once all is done, then install your Antivirus, or Internet security software.
  4. gtppopzz

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    Nice catch didn't even notice that :) I suppose I should read posts more carefully.

    Anti-Virus software = the devil
  5. James27uk

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    Ooooh I see. So install the motherboard, graphics, audio etc first then the update then the anti virus. Thats probably where I have been going wrong then. It's just I get dead paranoid about all the hackers and viruses floating about.

    I got 64bit due to a mate of mine who suggested all the upgrade bits and said if I was going to do all that I should go for the 64 bit xp.

    So restart the install go back to 32bit and wait for the vista 64 to drop in price a bit, Is that right?
  6. gtppopzz

    gtppopzz TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Thats what I would suggest for you to do. Performance wise between xp 32 and xp 64 you wont notice much and you will have more driver and software issues with xp 64 bit your safe with xp 32. But like kimsland suggested always installed chipset, video, audio drivers and software first. I would also recommend doing all the windows updates before installing your anti-virus. As long as you don't go to any sites or open any emails that contain virus's you should be fine up until you install your Anti-virus.
  7. James27uk

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    I would just like to say a big thank you to you guys I'm glad its nothing too serious I will have one last go at getting 64 going (paid for it might as well use it) but if all else fails I will go back to 32.

    Again thanks for the use of your brains.
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