HDTune gives I/O Error and aborts test on very new drives

By MetalX
Sep 13, 2013
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    For some reason, whenever I try to run the file benchmark on my WD Blue 1TB or WD Black 1TB on HDTune Pro, it always immediately returns a screen saying "I/O Error! Test aborted." Normally I would understand if this was happening if these drives were old, or had any indication that they are dying in some way. However, both drives have been purchased within the last 9 months, and the Blue drive was purchased only four months ago. They are each filled to approximately 70-80% capacity at the moment, with this being the highest capacity the Blue has ever reached, while the Black drive at one point hit 95% before I reshuffled some files. I haven't noticed any other issues with the drives at all, except that HDTune's regular benchmark seems to say that the Blue drive is slightly faster than the Black, which clearly shouldn't be the case. HDTune's own drive status program shows no SMART issues in any of my drives either. Does anyone know what could be causing this or how I could fix it?

    Also, I'm not sure if this is relevant but my motherboard is currently set to run its SATA ports in "RAID Mode" instead of AHCI mode, I'm not sure if that would matter, but I don't currently have a RAID array, this setting is just from a previous array that I used to have, and now I'm afraid that if I change the setting my drives might not boot anymore.
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    Never mind, I figured it out. Problem was being caused by my drives being assigned as the A: drive and B: drive (Windows 8 allows this, and my slight OCD has always tormented me at not being able to use them for hard drives previous to this, so naturally I jumped on the opportunity to assign those letters). Anyway I reassigned to J: and K: drives just for the purpose of testing and all is now well! :)

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