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May 16, 2017
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  1. Okay guys I'm new here & new to the PC world, so please go easy on me....

    I JUST finish building my first Gaming PC ever yesterday & im encountering a problem today which maybe it's not, & im probably just over-concerned that maybe my specs are crappy & maybe is the reason for the problem.

    The problem is, that my "heatsink" or small radiatior with the fan keeps blowing too hard & it's very loud.

    When I opened up the BIOS for the first time, I didn't encounter any errors & it can read the fan. I've tried changing the fan speed to silent through BIOS but that doesn't seem to even work. Also I had NO CLUE what to even do on BIOS so basically I didn't touch ANYTNING at all, just adjusted the fan speed & boot up the PC L, never messed with the settings (which maybe that's why I'm having this issue)

    So I'm not sure why the CPU radiator fan keeps blowing a lot, I'm not experience ANY lag when playing a game such as "PayDay" or "CS:GO" "GTA V" at high graphics.

    When I open a software such as "Adobe Premiere" or "Adobe Photoshop" or any other software, the fan blows hard while it's opening, then it stops blowing hard right after the software opens.

    But if I open a game, it starts going nuts constantly blowing hard, I even reduced the graphic settings on the games to the lowest & nothing changes.

    Basically If im not doing anything "dynamic" the fan stays quiet. Now I don't have any knowledge on PCs, the only way I got to build my PC was through watching YouTube videos & reading the manuals. As I'm typing this, my windows is installing an update & the fan has just been going straight on for 10mins.. I have one side of the tower open & the radiator is freaking cold, not even hot at all.

    You see, yesterday I wasn't having this issue but now I am. Please help guys. I'm not sure how to check CPU temperature so if you ask help lol another thing, I do have a 4 Channel Multi Fan Controller but the heatsink isn't connected to it, it's hooked to the motherboard. I feel like it's not safe to hook the radiator fan into the multi fan controller lol

    My specs are:
    Intel-Core i7-7700k
    Azus Prime Z270-A
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO (loud f*cker)
    Corsair CX750M 750w
    Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb
    Seagate 2TB Barracuda
    Samsung 850 EVO 250gb
    FPX-001 4 Channel Multi Fan Controller
    1- Thermaltake Luna 14 14h0x140x25mm fan
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    Wonderful things, manuals. Most of your answers are in there. Difficulty is to integrate all the information into a useful DIY PC. When building a new machine, many things can go wrong - so I recommend following the guide to assembly in the manual. As you follow, it is very important that you follow each step in order and make sure ("measure twice, cut once") that this do-hickey attaches to this deframus.

    Also important is to try to be precise in details. It is hard to help otherwise.

    In this case, it sounds like the heatsink fan (since heatsink is attached to CPU and the fan header is near the CPU, it is usually referred to as "CPU fan") " keeps blowing too hard & it's very loud". Off the top, I would say possible issues are: electrical connection to fan header is incorrect (review manual and confirm attachment is correct), the heatsink is not properly attached, the thermal interface material is not correctly installed, OR a defective fan.

    In your case, the fact that the radiator fins are cool, makes me think heatsink attachment to CPU is not good.

    First off, get some TIM (thermal interface material) and remove, clean and reinstall heatsink. See this as well (you are not alone), read it through...https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/...ter-hyper-212-evo-and-its-fairly-loud.175717/
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  3. Cycloid covered your situation pretty well. The radiators fins should be fairly warm to hot after its run a few minutes.

    Just wipe off the thermal paste with isopryl alcohol with a microfiber cloth or qtips dipped in isopryl alcohol and reattach the Hyper Evo 212. I used that particular HSF for a good 3 yrs myself in the past. It is rather LOUD.

    A better HSF choice, that is even easier to attach, is the NOCTUA NH_U12S or the U14 version. It is very QUIET, and cools a bit better.
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  4. Anthony Vlogs

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    Okay, I went ahead & re-read the whole manual & everything was perfectly wired into the motherboard. I took out the heatsink, cleaned the CPU, add some of that thermal Thing paste & hooked everything back. Sadly, the fan kept blowing the same way, so I then I went to BIOS mode, I researched on how to properly adjust the advance settings & stuff in BIOS.

    I went to "advance mode" clicked "Ai Tweaker"
    After that I went into "Internal CPU Power Management" by default it had the "Intel(R) SpeedStep(my) on auto so I left it on auto, but the "Turbo Mode" was enabled so I disabled it. I also put "CPU Core/Cache Voltage" to auto.
    "CPU Core Ration" to auto.
    "CPU C-states" to auto

    Basically I adjust some things into auto, I went back to windows & gave It a test.

    On idle the:
    CPU is around 30c
    Motherboard at 30c
    Graphics Card at 40

    When playing:
    CPU at 35c
    Motherboard at 33c
    Graphics card at 45c

    & the fan doesnt start blowing fast & hard so I think I fixed my problem, now... I'm not sure if 43c is too hot that the fan SHOULD be blowing hard. But it did solve my problem.

    What do you think?
  5. Temps seem about right if your room temp is 68-70 or so.

    You might be able to set parameters , maybe a limit of 76-78C while gaming...if it reaches that 78C the fan would jump up to top speed...which would lower that 78C down some where reasonable 60C or so.

    **IDLE my gtx 970 runs 26-30C....gaming? 55C tops....have a Fractal Design Arc Midi 2......3 super silent 140 MM case fans....

    .Noctua NH-U12S hsf with another Noctua U12 fan attached I use (push/pull):
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  6. Cycloid Torus

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  7. Anthony Vlogs

    Anthony Vlogs TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah my room temperature is at 70, how can I set parameters? Sorry if I even makes sense, I'm a noob on this.
  8. Cycloid Torus

    Cycloid Torus Stone age computing. Posts: 3,022   +662

    Room 70 F ( 21 C )
    CPU 70 C (158 F!!)
    Most computer stuff is in Centigrade - but it is always wise to check units of measure to be sure.
    Look at utilities which came with motherboard - or possibly with that FPX-001 4 Channel Multi Fan Controller .

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