Help - a problem has been detected,windows shut down

By independent me
Feb 1, 2009
  1. Hi,
    Can any one help please? i have a fujitsu siemens amilo pro v1000 laptop, with windows xp home edition on it. i have "norton anti virus" installed. when i switched on, the usual windows screen appears, then i get a quick one second screen flash up saying " a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to protect your computer".....etc, etc". Then a screen comes up with different options like..."safe mode" etc, which i've pressed & nothing happens. Then it goes back to the start, with the windows screen coming back on again. This just repeats itself again.
    Have I picked up a virus somehow? What should I do? Do I run my recovery cd? If I do that, will it delete al my files etc?
  2. raybay

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    Could be anything... hard drive failure, partial memory failure, driver that has become corrupted... CPU fan failure, power supply failing, or an infestation. Takes time to track it down, but if you have a system to go through all the possibilites step by step, you should be able to find and fix it.
    Try again to start in SAFE MODE by pressing <F8> repeatedly as soon as you press the <ON> button until it boots.
    If it still will not boot, remove all memory but one module, and try again. Then if not, try exchanging memory modules.
    If it still will not boot, you likely have a hard drive failure.
    Once booted, run the 8 Step Malware program found on this forum...
    If not found while using the 8 Step program,
    Keep going with the least minimum install you can create... then go cautiously until you are able to try various components...
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