Help I don't know what to do

By Nick72992
Jul 7, 2009
  1. ok yesterday i tried to run disk defrag and then it all started
    first thing was it restarted itself then when it started back up the video went to like 4 bit or something and my mouse doesnt work so i ran spybot search and destroy it found a bunch of things and i fixed them but it didnt fix my problem so i went to my computer and tried to enter the windows folder it just shut the window and when i attempt to start taskmgr it just flicks off so i held it and a bunch opened allowing me to read the tittle on the taskbar and it was called ntvmd or somethingi think thats right.
    but my regedit still works i was looking at other posts here to see if i could fix it and they said their regedit didnt work along with the tskmgr

    please help
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