Help installing Linux on computer with potential RAT

By Toxic
Sep 13, 2015
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  1. Hi everybody, any help would be much appreciated. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to list so I'll just jump right into it...

    The laptop was cleaned up as best as possible through the virus and malware help section on the forum. Unfortunately I have good reason to believe there has been a FUD RAT installed so no scans will locate it. I'm too inept to locate it myself as it always changes which directory it's located at and under what name. I have the folder where the file melted itself listed as "Happy".

    Now the laptop is a Fujitsu T series. I have both the "Bootable Disc" and the "Recovery Disc" that comes with the laptop so I definitely have the means to restore it to factory settings. This was my first choice in methods to get rid of the RAT. Unfortunately following all the instructions in the User Manual and online help, they all say to hit "Enter" when the boot-up logo appears, which will then open the "SecureCore Menu". This does not work, I tried over and over and over again for a good 45 minutes (It was PAINFUL). I tried holding down Enter, I tried spam clicking it, I tried clicking it at different intervals, I tried all imaginable combinations. SO my option 2 was to install Linux and remove Windows.

    So I downloaded Linux Mint V17.2 (about 1.7GB file). It's an ISO image. It wouldn't go on my USB HDD even after reformatting it to FAT32 (I used a tool that supposedly lets you put Linux onto a Bootable USB). The option never came up on the drop-down menu to place Linux Mint onto a USB device. So I then tried putting Linux onto a DVD-RW. Unfortunately that didn't work either, after about 8 minutes of burning an error message popped up saying it can't be burned onto the Disc and now the disc is unusable. Truth be told, I did try to burn the ISO directly onto the Disc (I'm not sure if that would corrupt the Disc or if my laptop corrupted the disc on its own).... ANY help would be VERY appreciated!

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