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By jaybryd760
Oct 21, 2008
  1. a buddy of mine has a laptop and cannot get it to go into windows xp it wont even get to where windows logo comes on , theres no f10 option for running a system recovery at startup and he doesnt have any recovery disk for it ive tried to reinstall windows no luck it gets to a blue screen saying to restart and run chkdsk and has some error number on the bottum but i dont know how to even get to a command line unless im in windows , so is there any way i can get into dos when i start the laptop some buttuns i can push that will take to a command prompt
  2. Bobbye

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    You buddy needs to get into the BIOS to reset order of boot to boot from CD OS setup.You say there is no "recovery CD" but how about the OEM CD? Otherwise, it's dead. Sorry..
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    Good point! Keep this in mind. When we read down the list of posts, we are more likely to stop on one that has a subject defining the problem that one with 'help me'! Everyone here needs help! And some of us are more educated in some subjects that others. So do yourself a favor in the future- you Subject could even have been something as simple as "Laptop won't start" Or Laptop won't load OS".
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