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By malkeiron
Jan 30, 2010
  1. Hi to all, I am new to this site so im hoping that i have put this in the correct place. if not im sorry. here is my problem I had a trojan on my laptop which i thought with the help of super antispyware had got rid of it I now find that once I had hit the re-start button It will not let me sign in even in safe mode. it goes to sign into account either mine or administrator says loading settings then immediately goes to saving settings and will not load up. having read lots of different posts on different sites people are saying that you need a cd which i do not have. My os is windows xp service pack 3 if that helps anyone. I am not that good with laptops or computers so any help would be grateful. I am using my mums laptop at the moment so will await any helpful replies, Am i going to have to throw it through a window? or will it have to go to a pc hospital ? is it going to cost me a fortune to fix?. I did manage to burn all my photos from comp before i ran the super spyware so Im not really bothered about anything else but would love to get my comp working again I miss surfing lol. thanks in advance
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