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  1. I installed Windows 7 x64 hp on a new computer that I build. I installed it from a CD-Rom. The problem ist that the Product Key from that CD has already been used to the limit. However I do have another Product Key also for windows 7 x64 hp. problem is that I'm not sure if the second Key will work because in the activation center it shows me that there is an Product ID. Will it work even though the Product ID and the Product Key dont match?
    Even if it would work, would that count as an activation for the Key or the ID? Because the ID is registered to the CD and that has already its limit reached.

    Another question is: what actually happens if you install and activate the same product too many times? Will Microsoft deactivate the first activation? I dont want all my computers to crash!!

    Please Help
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    Generally speaking, an install CD is a licence for one and only one installation. Any more than that is illegal and subject to penalties. There are a very few exceptions, and if you are one of the legal exceptions, you need to fully explain how you qualify before any help will be coming from this site.
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    AFAIK the CD's are the same, and the product ID is just a long-winded way to say you have Win7 x64 Home Premium SP0 (or whatever).

    What matters is the product key, which is usually on a sticker on the side of your computer. If you have two unique keys, you can install Windows with the same disk, as long as the keys are for the same product.
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    One OEM key per machine. Once activated the OEM key is bound to that machine. Retail keys will transfer to a new machine, but can not be used on more than one machine at a time. As far as I know OEM or Retail keys do not have activation limit, as long as they are activating the same hardware. Retail though when changing machines will use another activation. I'm also under the impression that even if all activations have been used up, you can phone in and get an activation as long as the key has not been blacklisted.
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