HIS Radeon HD 6670 black screen

By cubasy
Feb 10, 2012
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  1. Hi,

    Recently I've purchased an HIS AMD Radeon HD 6670 for my desktop. I've installed it correctly, but when I plug my VGA monitor into the DVI slot (via a VGA-to-DVI converter) on the card, I get no video signal. Normally when I get video signal (i.e. without the card installed,) the monitor's little light turns green. If the computer goes into standby mode, it goes orange. When I plug the monitor into the card, the light goes orange. When I unplug the monitor from the card, I get the "No signal" error on the screen.

    Anyway, I'm quite stumped. I've uninstalled the card several times to change settings in the BIOS screen, install the card's drivers beforehand, etc., but with no luck. I've provided a list of steps I took to installing the card, and my computer specs, just in case you need those.

    system specifications:
    - amd athlon ii x2 250 3.0ghz
    - 4gb ram
    - 500 watt psu
    - ecs a880gm-m7 motherboard w/ integrated ATI 3000 graphics
    - HIS AMD Radeon HD 6670 (card I'm trying to install.)
    - windows xp professional operating system
    (it's a desktop by the way)
    installation steps I took:
    - unplugged computer, opened up case.
    - discharged static electricity, inserted card into PCI-E x16 slot.
    - screwed in card.
    - re-attached case, plugged in computer, plugged monitor into card.
    - turned on computer. monitor screen is black.
    - unplugged monitor cable from card, got the "no signal" error.
    - plugged monitor into built-in monitor input. no signal.
    - unplugged, detached case, uninstalled card, reattached, plugged in, turned on.
    - changed BIOS video adapter setting from pci-gfx0-gpp-igfx to gfx0-gpp-igfx-pci.
    - installed AMD Catalyst 12.1 driver beforehand.
    - reinstalled card, turned back on. no signal.
    - uninstalled, disabled onboard graphics, reinstalled, no signal.

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