Home Theater System using External HDD

By itreignsfyre
Sep 22, 2008
  1. Product: JVC THD60 HT System
    Wanting: hook up an external hard drive of some kind to the front USB 2.0 port so i can have all of my movies at the touch of a button
    issue: don't know which one to get; don't know how to hook one up; don't know if it is even possible
    other thoughts: i tried hooking up my 500gb mybook to it but all that came up was my songs. also i watch movies on it all the time using a flash drive from my computer to it so it cant be the file formats. also i have read that the HDD needs to be in fat32 mode and the mybook is in fat32 and still only get the songs on it to play.
  2. itreignsfyre

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    ok so no one can help, grrrreat..i thought at least someone out there knew how this worked! :(
  3. eafshar

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    hey man
    i have tried connecting external harddrive to my home theatre system USB port. all i got was crazy static which i then quickly disconnected my external harddrive. i think they only take flash memory. i think there may be a problem with the fact that external drives connect to a power source. but dont no how.. i was once reading about how connecting two computers via USB can fry the boards. so i dont think u can have external hard drives connected to ur hometheater. i may be wrong tho.
  4. itreignsfyre

    itreignsfyre TS Rookie Topic Starter


    hey earshar, the instructions booklet to the JVC states this, and i quote:

    "A USB flash memory device, hard disk drive, multimedia card reader, digital camera, etc. can be used with this system through a USB connection.
    This system is compatible with USB 2.0.
    This system cannot recognize a USB mass storage device whose ratings exceeds 5v /500 ma.
    If a file on a USB mass storage class device exceeds the following conditions, it may not be played back correctly: -Max data transfer rate: 2 Mbps, -Max frame rate:30fps, -Max file size:2GB.
    The system recognizes up to 150 tracks (files) per group, and 99 groups per device. The total # of tracks the System can detect is 4000."
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