Housemates eating bandwidth

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Jan 16, 2010
  1. Hey all, me and my 2 housemates are at uni and we live in quite a busy area for internet traffic. At peak times our downspeed is about 1Mbit, but they still insist on downloading and torrenting anyway.

    We have a netgear router plugged into the cable modem, which is plugged into a wall socket, so i only have access to the netgear smartwizard software to take any action.

    i blocked all ports between 10000 and 65000 on one of my housemates, to stop his torrents, but becuase the other one wants to use Steam to play COD ect, i cant really do that to him.

    What i would like to do, is learn how i can limit their bandwidth to something fair while our internet sucks at peak time.

    Plus maybe get a little extra for myself since im the only one who bother to look into this.
    and maybe a little extra bandwidth for those NFL streams =D
  2. strategic

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    Ahh the dreaded torrent downloading... I have fought the same fight.
    Hopefully Sony stands up and shows their true colors and ends all this sometime soon.

    For now, if you tell us what router you have (model #, etc.), you should be able to setup a " Quality of Service" feature, and specify priority for all traffic from a computer on your network by giving the computera name, specifying priority and entering its MAC address.
  3. Dralisk

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    ah sounds good.

    its a netgear WGR614v9 with Smartwizard software, im not sure such a thing is possible on this particular router, but i hope im wrong.

    i reserved my own ip address (entered ip, mac address and comp name) but there are no prioity settings =(
  4. strategic

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    After reviewing your manual online, I couldn't find anything to accomplish what you're after. You could restrict access wth in certain days, and times, but you probably don't want that. Currently, I'm trying to find out if blocking a port range will do the job and that would eliminate the torrent downloading altogehter, which IMHO would be in your best interest. The only other alternative is to upgrade to a router which has the ability to "prioritize" torrent downloading.
  5. jobeard

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    in such cases as inability to set QoS objectives, see port controls
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