How big should my OS partition be and how do I change it


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Hi, in a different thread archean recommended that I make sure that there is reasonable free space in the OS partition. How do I know what size it is and if I need to make it bigger? As you can see I know very little about computers.

My hard drive has 59.3 gigabytes free and 84.9 gigabytes used.


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Making an OS partition was an NT 4 thing and there is no benefit I can see to splitting up a hard drive. If it dies it dies, do backups to external and you will be fine.
I've a 500 GB OS hard drive that I partitioned to a ~50 GB OS drive and the remaining ~450 GB to a data drive. I did this so I could create a smaller image file of my OS drive. An image file of a 500 GB drive can get large when you have data on it. There might be an easier way to make the image file, but I don't know it.
I only am using about 26 GB of the OS drive.