How can I send my files securely?

I want to send some private files over the web. Can someone recommend me a service that encrypts and sends them, as I'm not really familiar with what's working?

Thank you in advance! I really appreciate it!


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Two issues:
  1. over the net encryption
  2. user-to-user encryption
1) Using services like gmail & yahoo email (perhaps others too), the network connection from your PC to the correspondents inbox is encrypted. You can see this by looking at the port number being used in your email client software ( if you're using a web browser interface, you can't see it). Port 25 is normal clear text and port 995 is SSL encryption.

2) The problem with (1) is the message (and attachments) are stored in the inbox as clear text files. That allows them to be captured in every pop server backup and to a lack of privacy if the staff gets to poking about. You need something like a third-party PGP service - - see this article.


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There is nothing safe on the web - even if encrypted. Just copy the files on SD card and send by mail.