How can I stop slouching while on my laptop?

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Nov 3, 2010
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  1. Because of my new job, i am using my laptop far more often than before. Usually between 5-8 hours per day. Because i usually slouch while on it, my posture when standing is being effected. How can i correct this?

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    You can purchase a special seat for you to sit in the almost forces your back to be straight by aligning your lower spine. The sad thing is though is that I do not know the name for it so you would have to look into it yourself.
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    Perhaps you can just lower your seat level so the screen is relatively higher.
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    Don't Be a Spock

    see attached
    Sorry exceed siz limit.
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    strengthen your lower back muscles. Before I started working out often I slouched a ton, it also caused back pain. Pain free now though:p

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