How does one become an ISP?

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Jun 19, 2009
  1. What does it take to provide internet service for yourself?
  2. shossofe

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    I believe you cant.

    I have no knowledge of this so my info is probably wrong.

    Being an ISP costs money, which is why ISP companies sell their services.Having your own internet all to yourself is expensive and illegal me thinks.

    I don't know. (DON'T HATE ME)

    but plain and simple, no. Just pay 25 dollars monthly to AT&T if you need internet.
  3. fimbles

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    I supose if you could legaly do it you would have build a network or rent someone elses network from them.. Then dependent on your user numbers a nice little server farm would come in handy.. advertising,, electricity bills

    Your answer?......Big pockets :)
  4. Henipatra

    Henipatra TS Rookie

    Connecting to the Internet means either connecting to the backbone directly, or connecting to someone (an ISP) who can reach the backbone. I don't think a direct connection is possible for an individual---there's probably a minimum monthly charge which is way out of reach.

    Even many smaller ISP's don't connect directly---they connect to a wholesaler (an ISP's ISP) who connects to the backbone.

    But ultimately, to become an Internet Service Provider you have to provide (sell?) Internet connections to others.


  5. raybay

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    Business license. In most states, technical certification. Commplete security check. FCC backgrounding. ... and lots of bucks
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