How much are USBRSDs really worth?

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Jan 12, 2010
  1. I've seen in shops they sell 1GB for $12 and others sell them for $5!
    There was also one time where one shop sold an Lexar 2GB for $10! ha, that's cheap. Then there were shops that sold them for $30 and $25 etc. There were also 4GB and 8GB sold at exactly the same price even though the 8GB has 2x the space! Then comes the 16GB and the 32GB where are about $100 to $300! Oh, god! I did see once a 32GB got sold at $100 once, but after few days, they rose the price to about $150, Insanity I say!

    What I'm trying to say, is that are USBs really worth that much and are they worth it?
    Should I just buy a 1TB internal HDD for $150 instead of a 32GB flash drive? ( though the advantage of a 32GB RSD is that I can take it anywhere with no problems of space usage.

    Some are high and some are low, I think it's all in comparison to the brand of the USB don't you think?
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    For about $30 US you can get a 16GB one that is decent. The thing is most are going to be pretty slow for large file transfers, but they are way more portable than an actual external hard drive.

    I guess it depends on how much moving of the drive you intend to do and how much space you need on which one you should get. I would never recommend using a usb flash stick for storing your only copy of important data.
  3. Ultiweap

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    I agree at 100% with you. Flash Drive are not too reliable to keeping important data that you don't have any backup. Flash Drive may get problem and need to be format for use or even be deleted without knowing how. Flash drive are only for portable use from one place to another and not for a long period of time.

    I you want to use for keeping files withtout backup and for long time then I would recommend you a External HDD which is more safe.
  4. GN48

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    Is that why USBRSDs are more expensive than External HDDs?

    Well, I don't really do much moving around files and folders though. I do paste in some movies and games on my USBRSD (that's about the lagest files I would do to my USBRSD) and other than that, well just saving word docs and Power point presentations and basically school stuff and small files (ie. 2KB - 20MB). I was going to buy a 32GB at Harvey Norman, but when I saw the price tag; $250 AUS, I was like, oh damn! whos going to buy that! Then I saw a 16GB USBRSD there as well and the price tag was $60, okay fair enough, but buying two of those 16GB is better than buying one 32GB that cost $250 AUS!
  5. Ultiweap

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  6. GN48

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    It does abit though. But is there a retail store I can go to near Perth (WA) that would sell 16GB or 32GB for atleast less than $40 AUS? Also, is there a way to get a USB2.0 RSD to have a file/folder transfer speed of 60MB/s (like flat on that mark? or is the transfer speed must balance out with the writing speed of USBs?)? The fastest I've seen my RSD travel was 10 times slower than that; 6MB/s! There was one time, one time, that my USBRSD magically transferred a file that was nearly 600MB and took like 10 seconds to do it. That what USB2.0 transfer speed is suppose to be anyway! This was from my UB to the Computer and also back again. I tested it though. Only lasted for that two files I did! Then after that, it was slow and steady gets it there for the rest of the files I transferred! Okay was that suppose to happen or was that just a computer glitch I saw?!
  7. hellokitty[hk]

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    No USB flash drive comes close to 60 read or right. The closest you would get is around forty read, and write will be much worse.
  8. GN48

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    Well it did happen to me one time okay?

    Plus it's suppose to be that isn't it? it's a USB2.0 not USB1.x! Besides, I've heard of USB3.0 and it's going to be alot faster than 60MB/s!

    Write would be much worser if you bought a cheap *** USBRSD! But I think I bought a cheap *** one as well, but it can't be a cheap ***, it cost $64 AUS! it was only 4GB and brand is LG. I've seen a 8GB that cost like $30 US! but how can that be possible? Are they trying to rip me off?
  9. hellokitty[hk]

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    Again, no USB flash drive comes close to 60 mb/s read or write. The closest you would get is around forty read, and write will be much worse. USB 2.0 can support higher speeds, that does not mean it will run at those speeds.

    Also, write speeds will always be worse off than read speeds, thats just the way it is.

    Yes they could be trying to rip you off. Alternatively, consider that they are using different qualities and/or speeds of flash memory.
    Personally, I wouldn't be using LG.
  10. GN48

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    What do you mean by that?
  11. SNGX1275

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    You could get a 60MB/sec transfer rate for a short amount of time. I have a 16gig Patriot Dash drive and for the first 5 seconds or so I range between 75-85MB/sec as reported by Windows 7. After about a minute I'm doing to 30MB/sec and it continues to steadily decrease finishing up at 19.7MB/sec. This is with a 7.43 gig ISO (so single file) transfer.
  12. hellokitty[hk]

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    Sustained read/write, sorry.

    Not all flash memory is the same, there are many different manufactures making different speeds and capacities of flash memory...some is more reliable and less likely to die on you, some is faster or slower.
    I've never used LG, nor heard anything about their drives, however, there are plenty of good drives from reputable companies available too, I would stick with them if possible, but thats just my opinion.
  13. GN48

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    yes, very interesting. I thought all USB RSDs were at the same qualities. Some brands try to rip you off (had that happened to me!), and others are just plain simple. I've had never ever seen any USB RSDs that in which are better than the others in specific areas.

    Do you mind explaining that? All brands of USB RSDs should be the same in terms of qualities, shouldn't they? If not then maybe a slight difference in them then.

    I've had my LG brand 4GB USB RSD for about 4 years! The only prolems I've experienced so far is slloooowwwww transfer speeds, write and sometimes reading. I did one time wish that that 4GB USB I bought was 16GB so I could fit movies I made for my friends.
  14. hellokitty[hk]

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    Just like how a 15000 RPM is made to spin faster, and therefore read and write faster than 10000 rpm drives, which are likewise made to run faster than 7200 rpm drives harddrives. 5200 rpm harddrives are usually made for laptops or to conserve power, they are not built for speed and they don't run fast.

    Different flash chips can be produced to read/write faster, or to last more cycles or whatever.

    The manufacture also plays a part in quality of the product. Say you bought a DVD ready in china, and it broke after an hour of usage, it was likely a low quality drive. You then decide to buy a solid $30 Pioneer drive off newegg, it works great and is still working. Flash can vary in quality too, some may corrupt and will no longer store data and what not.
  15. GN48

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    Ah....but those are the technical specs of HDDs, not the comparisons of brands. You don't see these in USB RSDs do you now? Ain't isn't Read/Write specified by the amount of fsb you have on the HDD? Plus laptops these days can have batteries lasting up to 12hrs, so it doesn't really matter if you have a HDD that spin at 15000RPM.
  16. hellokitty[hk]

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    Yes there are technical specs of HDDs, just like there are technical specs of USB drives.
    Laptops are too small and enclosed to support 15000 RPM, and their batteries wouldn't last 12 hours if they were running a 15000 RPM harddrive. On top of that, laptops with long battery life use weaker less power consuming parts to achieve their run time, it makes no sense to put a high end hard drive into such a low end computer.

    And in fact, manufacture do claim read/write speeds even on flash drives, no they don't have to be an accurate representation of the drive's actual speed, just like HDD RPM doesn't always give completely predictable performance numbers.
  17. GN48

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    Then how long would a battery last on laptops if it was built for performance (The longest)?

    Oh, so they do now? hmmm, how come they print these out in the tags at the shops? Unless if this is only for buying USBs of the internet. And those numbers are the estimate performance, eh? Not what it will actually run flat out?
  18. hellokitty[hk]

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    I don't know but you would have to factor in components, battery, usage and phericals too. For a general estimate, I could google that for you: Anand tech's articles are usually pretty in depth and would compare battery performance among many.

    I don't know what you mean...?

    No those are what the manufacture claims they will run at, usually what they designed them for and what the majority of them will be able to run at. They could also just be false and done strictly for advertising purposes. There are no regulations (as far as I know) on such labeling, as there are no health hazards involved, so they could probably get away with tricking less educated people into buying them for their 'speed'. As for actual speeds, you will have to look up benchmarks.
  19. GN48

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    You know, retail shops that sell USBs? Harvey Norman, **** Smith, Centurion Computer and Austin Computers, them shops.

    Like they don't tell you how well the manufacture of a USB will do. Like in performance wise.

    What the---???

    I spell it out, D i c k
  20. hellokitty[hk]

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    Oh maybe because those are just generic drives that have no performance advantage, if they did mention speeds, they might be easily outclassed and out-bought.
  21. GN48

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    Generic Drives, eh?

    Why the such high price then?
  22. hellokitty[hk]

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    Just a guess, I don't know, they could be very impressive drives for all I know, or they could be ripping you off I really have no idea.

    Newegg generally has great prices, if your looking to buy one, take a look there.
  23. GN48

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    Okay, hk....

    thanks alot!
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