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How to make your own Runescape private server


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By runescape ยท 207 replies
Mar 31, 2008
  1. jackyteo95

    jackyteo95 TS Rookie


    i think that you did not pull your server files to the bin folder?

    If you did, then fail already.
  2. Rapidzz

    Rapidzz TS Rookie

    Hi thanks for the guide im soo close but when i double click run on the server it come up for 1 second thn disapears my client loads but the ips are no good but i think its the run problem any help?
  3. baffled101

    baffled101 TS Rookie

    Gonna try this out, haven't touched Runescape in years, but I like private servers so we'll see, thanks btw :D
  4. doomslayer92

    doomslayer92 TS Rookie

    this thing wont work i clicked run and the runescape thing wont pop up
  5. Mariog263

    Mariog263 TS Rookie

    um i did everything you said but when i hit log in it says "Error Connecting to Server" does that mean its offline?
  6. Izamina

    Izamina TS Rookie

    Works like a dream, is this available to anyone who knows the ip? And is there a newer version of rs that can be used, with the animated avatars, not accts just active ppl.
  7. confus3d

    confus3d TS Rookie

    I am sure i am going to feel stupid as hell but when i go to do the first step. I can't run the JDK file. I have to either Open with: "Options" or Save file. I am sure i am probably making this more complicated than it needs to be. PLEASE HELP!
  8. SootySG

    SootySG TS Rookie

    this guide doesnt even work?? i folowed it perfectly and it dont work

    this guide doesnt work i folowed it perfectly
  9. SootySG

    SootySG TS Rookie


    hey, i folowed everything right and went over it more then a duzen times but when i click compile theres an error :s please help me
  10. Aekramer

    Aekramer TS Rookie

    Nice, I used and am Playing now but can u tell me how I can spawn NPC's?
  11. ratio12

    ratio12 TS Rookie

    hey does it matter wat kit you use? because when i open the folder is says "jdk 1.5.0_16" can that be used?
  12. Woneo

    Woneo TS Rookie

    Finally.. I found a guide that can help me make my own private server. One question though.. How can I make NPCs appear on my server and how can I make the stats go to 135 and make the training a bit harder than getting 99 in 2 minutes.. It's pretty bull, I wantto make it take about a month to get 135 in like strength. If this is posible, mind telling me how?
  13. speedemon9612

    speedemon9612 TS Rookie


    hey how to make a player a mod like im the owner and i wanna make another player as co-owner????????? plz reply to me
  14. Bronxe5

    Bronxe5 TS Rookie

    whenever i try to dl the JDK thing is says "destination not found". How do u make it find a destination???
  15. jokenkil

    jokenkil TS Rookie Posts: 42

    How can I put monsters and npc in my runscape private server?

    i followed the instructions that techspot member runescape said and there is no npc or monsters in it and i dont know how to put them in so i would like some help putting them in.
  16. 27thprodigy

    27thprodigy TS Rookie

    ok i have a qustion, umm no flaming pl0x if it sounds newbish. So u said to copy all the files in the folder itself but not the folder in to the java bin file....... My question is do u mean the sub folders too such as client stuff, server stuff, cache etc.. please reply
  17. schwab18

    schwab18 TS Rookie

    Dude at the very end when my server has loaded i type in under server what u said and it didnt work is there any other 1s?
  18. greekchariot

    greekchariot TS Rookie

    please help me

    i did everything you said, and when i copyed everything from server folder into the java bin folder, whne i ran compiler it said there was an error with the stream.java so when i did the rest of your steps it didnt work, please help me out, maybe you can help me.
  19. killdudead

    killdudead TS Rookie


    it won't let me open the Run bat file it opens then closes and i cant log into the server have any ideas?
  20. privateservplz

    privateservplz TS Rookie

    Great Job!
    Everything is great, but when I ran the server it said Error Connecting to Server?
    This is what I typed
    Username: Noob
    How come it's not working?
  21. Ultimatescape

    Ultimatescape TS Rookie

    1 error

    I had one error while compiling, left untouched.It said there was an error in player.class, but there is no player.class.Help pl0x!
  22. Gunnin

    Gunnin TS Rookie

    yea i got exactly the same problem how can we fix this!!!!???
  23. johnbobie

    johnbobie TS Rookie

    help please

    i did everything it said but i cant log in
  24. johnbobie

    johnbobie TS Rookie

    ......its not workin.........
  25. johnbobie

    johnbobie TS Rookie

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