HP Compaq 6735s laptop not working

By bojidar
May 26, 2016
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  1. I have a HP 6735s laptop. I bought it a few years ago and the warranty period is over. One day while I was watching a twitch.tv stream a blue screen(BSOD) appeared showing a strange message. The blue screen appeared more and more often and every time the errors were different I searched online but the errors were very strange. A sound card problem, a wireless card problem, a hard disk problem and many more. I gave it to a neighbour who said that it was a problem with my ram but when he swapped the RAM card there was another problem so we had to give the company he worked for(Brother was the company) 50$. After a few days the blue screen appeared again and I go really worried. We gave it back to the company but they wanted more money to fix it and we just didn't give them the money. I downloaded Ubuntu and used its built in memory tests but the tests stopped at step 7 I left it during the night but it was still on step 7. After a few attempts to turn it on and after a few BSOD-s it doesn't want to turn on it doesn't show the hp loading screen and I can't open the BIOS menu to change the boot priority. I know that you can't really fix and you can't tell me what's happening but can you at least tell me if I have completely broken the laptop
  2. bojidar

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    I can't edit the question so I'm going to put it here
    After running the ubuntu test option I got the following error


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