HP energizes gaming desktop line with affordable Envy Phoenix 810

Shawn Knight

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HP’s Phoenix line of desktop gaming PCs has earned a refresh at this year’s IFA trade show. The Envy Phoenix 810 won’t be able to compete with super heavyweight contenders from the likes of Maingear and Puget but it certainly...

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Notice how they never tell you spec on the boards,could be the cheapest low end thing out.but still marked up for the consumer. or the power supply. Im sure its not utter crap, but its probably not worth the thousand plus rig


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So $1300 for an affordable gaming pc eh? that's all three consoles combined.if hp is gonna release an "affordable" gaming pc they need to release one that dosent cost the price of all three consoles.
To build it to a good gamer pc the cost is about 3000 dollars, but even then you can't get a high end graphic card like the GeForce GTX 980.