HP LaserJet 2430 printer will not print since USB power surge error


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I have a HP LaserJet 2430

Earlier this week, I was using my laptop with a phone and an external hard drive both connected to the laptop through USB connectors. However, when I connected the HP LaserJet using a printer cable with a USB connector, I received a message that said “USB Power Surge Error” or something similar.

Since then, I have not been able to print. (1) I bought a new printer cable and it still does not work. (2) I’ve been able to use the USB port on the laptop by connecting other items and they work fine, so that’s not the problem. (3) I am able to use the Menu button on the Printer to print out the Printer Info (such as configuration page, usage page, etc.). However, I can not get the Printer to work via a Printer Cable. I keep receiving an error that says “This document failed to print.”

Is it possible the port (which accepts the cable) on the printer is damaged?

My family uses this printer on a daily basis. Any assistance with this issue will be greatly appreciated.



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I forgot to add that the printer previously worked using this USB Printer Cable for years prior to this.

I'm still looking for help on this. If anyone has any knowledge regarding this, PLEASE let me know.


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Hi Rachelb26.
If you are running WindowsXP, then THIS may be of use.
If not, please tell us more about your system and the error message.

Did the error message come up on your computer screen, or on the Printer LCD panel?

Are you using a USB Hub?

Is it possible you gave the printer a static discharge (shock)
while plugging the cable in?

or were the cables untouched between the last successful use
and the current non-functioning state?

More information will make it easier for someone to help you.


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Hi B00kWyrm,

Yes, I do have WindowsXP.
The error message came up on the computer screen. It was an error message that popped up from my bottom taskbar.
When the message popped up, I rushed to unplug the USB cable from the back of the laptop, that I only recall it saying “USB Power Surge Error"

No, I'm not using a USB Hub. The laptop has 4 USB ports/outlets (I hope I'm using the right word). I was already using 2 of the ports, by having a phone and a hard drive plugged in. Then the error message occurred, when I connected the printer to a 3rd port.

It may be possible that I gave the printer a static discharge while plugging the cable in.


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  • Did you try the process on the page I offered above?
  • Have you tried cycling the printer off/on...
  • Is there a reset on it?
  • Have you tried the printer cable attached to different usb ports at the computer? (You say you have four. Did you try swapping them around?)
Related to this one...
Have you looked at your device manager to see if all your USB ports are properly working?
  • Right click on my computer, click properties, click device manager.
  • Expand your usb devices.
  • Also click to show hidden devices.
  • See if you find and yellow triangle symbols or red x symbols.
    These would indicate problem devices.

A few more options...
  • Did you try to print from the printer using a different computer?
  • Have you tried reinstalling your printer drives (a last ditch option which I doubt really would work).
I am trying to rule out other possibilities.
If you have done all of the above, without any success,
then I would be concerned that the printer usb port has been damaged.
Usually it is less expensive to replace a printer than to repair it.
And often you can get a new ink-jet for next to nothing, that might hold you over until you can find a new one that better suits your needs.


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Hi B00kWyrm

Thanks for the page link. I tried the 7 steps they gave on that page.

Then, I also tried doing the other things you listed above - 1) cycling the printer off/on, 2) attaching the printer cable to different usb ports on the computer, 3) checking the device manager, 4) printing from a different computer, and 5) reinstalling the printer drives.

It still would not print and always gives the error "This document failed to print"

The one thing that did happen, was when I tried to connect the USB cable to the USB port on the back of the laptop (the same port I was using when I first started having this problem), it gave me the same error message from before. A bubble message popped up from the computer's taskbar saying:
"Power Surge on Hub Port
A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port. For assistance in solving this problem, click this message."

So when I clicked on the message, it was showing one of the items in bold, saying "Unknown Device" (or something similar) and it instructed for me to disconnect the device.


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Hi Rachel... running to a meeting
and won't be back until late in the week.

What that message means is you need to be powering your usb devices via their own power supply.
The hard drive is the power hog.

As far as I know, the printer should not be pulling power unless it has a defect.
The usb cable to the printer normally just carries data, as the printer has its own power supply.

BUT... if you are not getting success with any port, even with your external drive disconnected....
again that points to a problem with the printer.

Here is what I would do next...
Power down the computer.
Disconnect the hard drive.
Connect the printer.
Re-power up your computer.
See what happens. See if you can print now.

In any case, get and use an external power supply for that hard drive,
otherwise you are asking for real trouble.


1. Do not disconnect the hard drive while the computer is on, without first ejecting it.
ToDo eject, go to the system tray, and select the icon that looks like a usb plug. If you cannot find it, hover over each item until you find the one that says something like... "Safely remove hardware". Right click and select your drive. If it tells you you cannot eject it now, because it is in use, then you will likely need to power down. I have seen that condition even when all applications are closed.

2. Use a "wall wart" with your usb drive as they do draw more power than the usb specs require for usb ports.
This means your drive is underpowered if relying on the computer for power. You should have that usb hard drive power supply on a battery backup also, so that - if you have a power fluctuation or a loss of power - the drive does not get corrupted. If you lose power while a file is being written, or possibly even while still "open", it will cause loss of data, and perhaps more than just a few files.

Alternatively, you can use a "Y" cable.
This will draw power from two ports... usually enough for your hard drive.
But that limits your other usb options.

As I said, I am running to a meeting and won't be back until late in the week.
I hope this is helpful. I'll check back later.


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Hello B00kWyrm,

I followed your instructions to Power down the computer, etc.
(FYI...I didn't have to disconnect the hard drive, because it's been disconnected. The last time I used it, was when this issue initially occurred.)
Again, I received the error "This document failed to print".

Is it likely that the problem is with the printer's usb port? If so, is it possible the printer will work by connecting it to the laptop using one of the other ports in the back of the printer?
Here's a picture of the back of the printer. (The USB cord connects to the middle port in the picture.)


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Please read through my reply. I have a lot of information for you to consider.
Though, the initial part (parallel and/or network printing) may solve your problem.
They may not, so I have provided additional information...

Both other ports are possibilities.
The bottom connector (parallel printer connection) is a possibility...
  1. Your computer has a parallel port, (now mostly discontinued) AND
  2. You have a parallel printer cable.
Your computer's printer port will look like this.
The cable will have a different connector at each end.

If you do not have a parallel printer port...
You can give yourself one with either a usb adapter like this
Or a plug-in adapter like this for laptops with pcmcia card slots
Or a plug-in adapter like this for desktops with available pci expansion slots.

Other options exist for other hardware configurations.

It is possible that only the USB port was damaged.
You won't know until you try.

If you need to buy hardware (adapters, cables etc),
the cost can very quickly approach that of an inexpensive new printer.

The other port is for network printing.
This also is worth a try, and will (if undamaged) be your less expensive and more convenient option.
Check your documentation. If you do not have the original, this may be a place to start.
And you will need your installation cd. This software is also available from HP here.
You will want one of the downloads that has the "n" designator as one of the letters after the 2430.

You may be able to connect directly to your computer with a Network Cable
Or you may wish to plug it into a Network Switch or Router.

Your home internet connection is usually a router,
and (if you connect wirelessly / wifi),
this would give you the opportunity to print
without a wired connection from your computer to your printer...
You will just need to plug the network cable into the router,
and install your software all per instructions.

Sometimes there is a specific recommended sequence,
and connecting to the computer first may be necessary
before disconnecting again and then connecting to the router.
Just follow your instructions.

I am hopeful that one of these two options may work for you.

BUT... if the damage is bad enough,
it is possible that it took not only the usb port, but the others as well.

In which case... if you are adventuresome,
You may be able to find a replacement part,
and after disassembling your printer, replace that part and get all function back.
I have been known to do such things, (Silly Me! :D )

This is your service manual, which you can also find here
and which you would want if you tackle the project.
but most would say it was a waste of time, money, and energy.

This is the part you would replace.
The original part number (per service manual) is Q3955-60003.
It looks like some sources are carrying replacements with different numbers.
For example this source identifies your part number as... Q6507-61005
You are on your own, when you go down this road.
Neither I, nor TechSpot can assume any responsibility for the purchase of the wrong part.
Again, though, as you can see...
even if you can locate one for sale (minimum price I have seen is $20)
the cost of this logic board (which HP calls a formatter) may not be worth it.

If the logic board is damaged so that the printer cannot be used without replacement ...
Again... time, $, energy will likely be better spent replacing the printer.


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Hi BookWyrm, Thanks so much for all of the information! I'm going to try the first two options and I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks again! I'm really hopeful.


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Hi BookWyrm,

I finally got the printer to work!!!

I purchased the Parallel Printer Cable from Walmart and it just came today. Thank goodness it worked when I plugged it in!

Thanks so much for all of your help. I can't express my appreciation enough!!!
I'm so excited to have my printer back to working again.