HP Pavilion a1410n or A8N-LA Asus motherboard fan solution

By a1410nFAN
Oct 25, 2010
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  1. Hello,
    After having this HP Pavilion a1410n for many years now, and always having to hear the screaming fans whirling away at 100% 24/7 I have found a solution! I did not discover this. I found it in 1 little post in one of the many many forums with complaints about this Motherboard's BIOS update problem... So I am here only to post another one so that others may find it easier.

    When booting up your computer hit F11 3 times and it will enter Setup just the same as if you had pressed F1. BUT ITS NOT THE SAME! :D Go to the BIOS menu in setup. What was once inaccessible in the original F1 setup is now available in the F11 Setup! You can have full control over the fans speed and start up voltage. I just discovered this about 15 minutes ago and did it, and my computer is quiet as a mouse! FINALLY :D:D:D I HOPE THIS WAS EASY TO FIND! I spent all day scanning forums for solutions! SpeedFan Sucks! F11!!!!!!!! :D /dance
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    If your temps are still in a good place, gratz and thanks for the heads up! :)

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