HP Pavilion G4 2012model black screen

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Dec 21, 2015
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  1. The first thing that happened was that it suddenly turned off, the first thing that I thought for the first time in almost 2 years without a working fan, it shutdown itself. (Note: I'm using an electric fan right beside the computer.) I restarted my computer, it went well and nothing out of the ordinary happened same as usual. I shutdown my laptop Due to some error of some of my drivers(wireless adapter and battery driver, respectively), I uninstalled the battery driver and reinstalled it because I was getting an error 0% battery, I restarted it again after.(battery was still at 0%, but was still running). I thought a few couple minutes of rest should do the trick thinking overheating was the problem.
    Later, I tried running my computer but it shows only the overheating warning of Hp Bios then turns off unexpectedly. Tried removing my battery, but my computer wont even start. Tried the remove battery then long press power button with/without battery for avg. of 20 seconds still no luck. After a few hours, now the screen won't even give a display but with a few try it gets to the windows bootup twice. A few more attempts, it will just run for a few seconds with blinking capslock and a light on the power button and wi-fi key.

    Laptop major changes since bought:
    Hard Drive: Replaced hard drive with an older one from my Acer Aspire due to overheating.
    LCD: Replaced after 6 months because of an accident causing the screen to crack.(2013 incident)
    DVD/CD ;Drive; Wont run/read DVD's.
    Keyboard: Few Unusable Keys.(Shift and letter Z)
    FAN: Doesn't Work and is causing overheating.(SOLUTION: AN ELECTRIC FAN NEXT TO IT)

    ABOUT ME: I studied some troubleshooting skills regarding on computer hardware but is mainly focused on desktop computers, I didn't finished the course, so I don't know how to deal with Laptops. I was hoping someone could give an advice/suggestions on how I can deal with my problems. SHOULD I SCRAP THE USABLE PARTS OR FIX IT? THANKS FOR ANY REPLIES.
  2. Tmagic650

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    I'm amazed that this laptop lasted that long with a external fan blowing on it. The internal fan(s) may have finally failed and the motherboards heat sensor has been tripped. Unfortunately, the motherboard may be fried now. You will have to take the laptop apart and replace the thermal pads and paste on the internal heat-sink and fan(s)... The paste becomes dried out and the pads disintegrate over time . Yes, some models have 2 internal fans. Doing this might bring the laptop back to working order
  3. JamesPH

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    I will try replacing the thermal pads and pasting on the internal heat sink and fan. If the motherboard was really fried, the computer shouldn't have turned on a couple of seconds? I will also try an external display if there's a problem with my screen.

    Thanks for enlightening my mind and for the reply on a short notice.
  4. Tmagic650

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    "If the motherboard was really fried, the computer shouldn't have turned on a couple of seconds?" Oh yes the motherboard may be fried
  5. JamesPH

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    Is there still a chance for the motherboard to work? :'(
  6. Tmagic650

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    Yes there is a chance. We usually look into replacing the thermal pads and paste when the laptop runs normally for a little while and shuts off suddenly. Wait a while, and the laptop starts normally again, then shuts off. This is probably when you started using the external fan...
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