HP unveils puck-sized 'Mini' Pavilion, Stream PCs starting at $180

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Jan 5, 2015
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  1. HP isn't placing all its low-cost computing bets on Google's Chrome OS. Following up from the release of its $200, Windows-based HP Stream laptops last year, the company has unveiled two small form factor desktop variants to go up against...

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  2. Ranger1st

    Ranger1st TS Evangelist Posts: 348   +124

    Holy crap , not shy of charging are they.. I would have considered one of these to run Kobi on but screw that. once again HP misses the market and yet another device that could have been a good one is ruined by the corporate money over everything attitude.
  3. Is it viable to run Windows 8 with 2Gb of RAM ?

    Anyone know if disk/RAM are user upgradeable ?
  4. strollin

    strollin TS Rookie

    There are quite a few Win 8.1 tablets out there running Win 8.1 with 2GB of RAM and they seem to run pretty well. I had a Dell Venue 8 Pro Win 8.1 tablet which had only 2GB of RAM but it did very well. Of course with only that much RAM you're limited by how many programs you are able to multitask. There are even entry level Win 8.1 tablets running with only 1GB of RAM. I'd bet the RAM on this HP unit is not upgradeable.

    Most likely the disk is not upgradeable either which is why there is a microSD card slot. There's also lots of USB ports to be able to plug in external storage.
  5. SiaoAngMoh

    SiaoAngMoh TS Rookie

    RAM is confirmed upgradable. It has two slots for RAM and only a single 2GB stick. Supports max 16GB of RAM (2x8GB)

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