HP unveils the Omen X 2S, a dual-screen gaming laptop


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We’ve already seen similar dual-screen laptops in the past, most notably Asus’ ZenBook Pros, which place a 5.5-inch ScreenPad beneath the keyboard. But as we pointed out in our review, that implementation was slightly limited, with Microsoft Office applications making the best use of the feature.

With the Omen X 2S, the 1080p secondary screen can be used to run a variety of apps, watch YouTube, show system stats, view a Twitch stream, act as a second browser, double as a keypad, and more. But its most useful ability could be the way it mirrors specific parts of the main screen. The example showed by HP involved mirroring an FPS game’s mini map onto the smaller display.

The second screen is powered by HP’s Omen Command Center UI and HP Mobile View software suites, meaning there’s less work for developers when it comes to creating programs specifically for the smaller display.

The Omen boasts an RGB keyboard, N-key rollover, and 1.5mm fast action key travel. It also uses Thermal Grizzly liquid metal instead of thermal paste on the CPU, which HP says can improve performance by 28 percent in games such as Apex Legends.

The main screen comes with a 144Hz 1080p panel as standard and can be upgraded to 240Hz or the 4K HDR option. As it’s a gaming machine, it features an Nvidia RTX 2070 Max-Q, Core i7-9750H, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD for $2,099. In addition to the upgraded screen, buyers can configure the laptop up to an i9-9880H, 32GB of RAM, and a 2TB SSD.

The Omen X 2S will be available in June, while the models with a 240Hz display will be available in July.

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This is such a stupid design. Time and time again putting the touch pad on the right has been proven to be uncomfortable.

The lack of palm rests is annoying as hell as well. I get it, HP want to differentiate their laptops with physical design ques but to be frank I wish they put the money into:

1. cooling, both passive & active. It annoys me time and time again how these laptops have terrible thermals meaning their vaunted specs i9-9880H and 2070 max-q are poorly utilised. Its like buying a car with an 8 cylinder engine but because of a shitty radiator it can only hit 100kph.
2. robust/tough IO, plugs and connectors. Surely the OEMs and manufacturers can see that one of the biggest point of failure are the sockets and plugs. I cannot tell you how power supply sockets and plugs have bent or gotten broken during normal operation. These things are so fricken fragile that if a laptop manufacturer actually said in their advert that they've installed titanium harden IO & plugs, well I'd be really tempted to buy it...
3. screens / displays that are good but don't cost the earth. I get this is a way of differentiating their products whilst simultaneously giving them an excuse to pump the margin on a product but I'm sick to death seeing a 4k model being $1k more then their 1080p cousins. With so many displays being made I cannot understand why laptop screens cost so much especially when I can buy displays to do a fix/replacement for $40-80
4. Powersupply optimisation & miniaturisation. Especially with models with HK series CPUs. Its all well and nice have an ultrathin laptop but if the brick is another 1.5kg then all you've done is shifted the weight else where.
5. keyboard. so many shitty keyboards out there, same with the track pads. And stop putting them anywhere but in the centre. Argh.
And why can't I have a mini mouse that fits into a compartment in the laptop. That would be awesomely cool to pop out a mouse that transform into something bigger.
4. decent power saving modes that are optimised for differnt functions.

I want a movie power saving mode. So for example I'm in bed. I wanna watch a 2hr film and not have a super hot power supply lie across my leg. Surely there is a way for MS and the laptop manufacturers to design a video mode that disables everything that I don't need except for what is required to watch the film?

The same for gaming and office/desktop use. And stop calling them anything but the function/purpose. I don't know what "balance mode" means. But I sure know what "gaming mode" means and so on.


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"improve performance by 28 percent in games such as Apex Legends"
Gotta get those sweet fps in apex

I would not buy a modern HP laptop, last one was 2008 and it's still going but running osx.
Friends have had more recent ones, loads of problems.