HTC goes after price-sensitive markets with a plastic version of the One M8

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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What's left to accomplish once your flagship smartphone is on the market? Tackle price-sensitive markets, of course! That's exactly what HTC plans to do with a new budget-minded version of the One M8 flagship referred to as the HTC One...

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Now this is more like it, they've ditched nothing that was essential or even necessary as far as I'm concerned, in fact they could've even made it a bit smaller. I hope it comes to my country pretty soon because if it does it could make a great alternative to the yet to be announced SGS5 mini which would pique my interest.
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HTC has been doing well. I wish I got the Nexus 5 or HTC over my S4 :3 Well last time I spend nearly 600 good ol ''shillings'' on a phone.


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It seems to be the modern equivalent of the HTC smart-phone I currently use HTC Sensation XL. Shame it is not coming to Europe.