I can't get rid of a quote after initial posting....

  1. I made a post, and accidentally left an extra "[/quote]", after the entire post.

    Consequently, my comments were enclosed inside the quoted material.

    I attempted to edit out the quote, reposted, and the "[/quote]" reappears, and nothing was changed.

    I closed the browser, (FF 27.), powered down the PC, restarted, ran "CCleaner" and logged back into Techspot. The problem persists, so I don't think the issue lies on this end.

    Here's the thread: https://www.techspot.com/community/...-date-offers-free-data-migration-tool.200605/ The post in question is #19.

    I was trying my best to, "mediate", a difference of opinion between two "guests", and this had to happen...., foiling my chances of helping them to reach a settlement.........:'(

    NEVER MIND, I have found the error of my ways, and am now on the path to righteousness, (at least with respect to technique.).

    FWIW, If you post a quote within a quote, you must have it terminate like this: "[/quote][/quote]. With our old software, the same was true. But, in the case of the new software, if the double quote is separated, and you try to delete it, the software "auto corrects" the ending "[/quote]" of the pair, back in. (I don't recall "VBulletin", exhibiting this behavior).
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2014

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