I have a new computer with win 10

I just got off the phone with HP they say the problem is with the sites not with HP.
how do I go about fixing this problem with out paying HP to fix it?


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This doesn't sound like a problem. I've never even considered having all the text the same size. It sounds impossible to me. Why would you need to or want to?
For those that do not have Vision Issues then what is set is probably good. To Billma..Wow I accidently found how to do that in Win 10. Now my Chrome pages/tabs are readable without my glasses...OK so I went to Settings, then Ease of Access, then Display. There is a slider bar to adjust the Fonts Sizing. Below that is the Make Everything Bigger. I have it on 125% but it is slightly too big for me...But that is where I found it to adjust.


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Good point as bilma never mentioned having eyesight issues. When using a browser for surfing holding down the Control and pressing the + or- keys will change the size of the text on the screen.


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Crtl + scroll wheel does the same thing in browsers.
I think it also works in other apps like powerpoint, word, and excel.