I have a virus problem

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Sep 21, 2008
  1. I had chitty anti-virus software bitdefender. It's let the wimad virus into my machine. I purchased Kaspersky anti-virus but I can't install it because I can't unintall bitdefender. And I can't uninstall bitdefender because the virus has locked up the windows installer. Soooo if someone coud explain in detail how to fix windows installer or use the command prompts in safe mode to uninstall bitdefender I think I can fix it.
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    Not knowing what your OS is or the version of Windows you use does hamper assistance.
    I'm not clear exactly to what extent the insidious virus has taken over. I'm understanding you are having issues with your add and remove program. There are two alternate programs available and both are free which I would recommend you download, that will assist you with add and remove program utility. obviously with the idea you are still able to download and install. The two programs are 1.Ccleaner found here: http://www.ccleaner.com/ 2. Revo uninstaller http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html (not clear if you are unable to use the install program for just the Kaspersky or if the complete install program does not function)
    If there is no install options available I would then recommend you read and perform the 8 process listed below: Go to this website and follow the directions.


    This gives you some options to try provided A.> you are still able to download some programs and install. B.> You are still able to run virus scans on your machine.

    I have an idea that if you are able to download and install referenced spyware/virus programs that 'should' take care of your issue. Lets start here and see how things go.
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    I have a virus problem update...

    I tried all that stuff and basicallly it didn't work. Most of it would NOT install and the ones that did would NOT do what they are supposed to do because it required something to be updated (this machine will not connect to the net) or installed/uninstalled which leads us back to the original problem. The FIRST thing that needs to be fixed is the windows installer. I tried to install that and it wouldn't work either. I was able to get a hijack log. I have zero idea of what needs to be removed to get the installer working but that is where we need to start.

    I guees I have to attach the hijack file because it won't post here.
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    I believe HJT shows serious malware infestations.

    B.D. directed you to complete the 8-step malware removal procedure.

    Once the 3 logs are posted, your chances for recovery are much improved.
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    Problem solved

    After looking at the hijack file for anything strange (as if I would know) I noticed something. The svchost.exe file was missing. I don't have the slightest idea what it does but I figured if I put one in everything might work. So I copied it from the working computer I had and after a reboot everything was kosher! The windows installer worked as well as internet explorer. I got rid of bitdefender and have been running every virus/spyware/malware scan I can get my hands on and it was LOADED. Thanks everyone that answered. Also if you have bitdefender I advise you to get rid of that S@#% ASAP.

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